Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spell - How To Be Irresistible

A nice young lady I met online, emailed and texted me about some love problem she's having. I was also inspired by some girlfriends of mine who are currently looking for the "perfect one". Then I thought that:

1) The best way to cure a heartache is to not wish the other party some harm (coz it will definitely come back to you tenfold and much worse!) but on the contrary, to make yourself iresistible so he/she will not look for someone else but YOU & ONLY YOU;

2) To find "the one" is to be "the one" yourself! If people find you irresistible, then your perfect someone won't be far behind.

For this spell, you will need the followingingredients:

a piece of soft material in pink or white

a small seashell (for sexual power)

a new key or one that has been washed in salty water

a hair from your man's head (if any) or a drawing of your perfect guy

two sewing needles tied together with red cotton

some of your best spray perfume

a piece of white ribbon

This is a geeat spell to make sure he finds you irresistible at all times. The best time to cast this spell is at midnight on a Full Moon. Any other time of the month is okay but may not be as effective.

Take all the items, except the piece of white ribbon, and place them on top of the piece of material. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful golden light surrounding you, filling you with love and energy. Spray a little perfume over everything. Then gather up the four sides of the material so you make a small bag, and tie up the end with the ribbon.

Carry this Love charm with you whenever you feel the need. You can also keep it in a private place in your or his bedroom.

Love & Light! Blessed Be!

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