Wednesday, November 5, 2014

That Which Does Not Kill Me Can Only Make Me Stronger

Being happy has always been one of my life's greatest pursuits. There are times when it's challenging and there are moments when it's as effortless as breathing fresh air. The past day or two though, it has come to my attention that a few individuals who I used to respect and look up to betrayed me in ways that I never imagined. It sent me to a roller coaster ride of painful emotions and my pursuit to happiness has once again been challenged. I got sick which I tried to not to nourish, I went about my usual tasks and even ran errands in another city as I mustered all the physical and emotional strength I can gather within me. Eventually, I gave in, fell into a momentary depression and slept it all away. 

Yesterday was the toughest day. I turned to my spirit guides and guardian angels for guidance through my tarot cards. I did my card reading for the day and I picked up The Magician. 


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