Friday, October 28, 2011

Dream Interpretation - Nuclear Bomb

If you're at my age, you've probably seen that Twilight Zone episode with the nuclear bomb. I was just a kid then but of all the Twilight Zone shows, that was the one that really made an impact. In that episode, the world was about to end. A nuclear bomb was seen by millions of people soaring in the sky, about to hit its target. But there was this girl who has a vintage pocket watch that can stop time. So she did. And everything stopped. The nuclear bomb stopped mid air; all the people and all living things around the world just simply stopped except for her. She was all alone, she need not work, she can just go from one house or store or place to the next and grab and loot stuff and no one would care because everything was on PAUSE except her. That episode was sad for me. Yeah, she stopped the world from going into flames but at the price of living a life.

Anyway, my dream was not really like that except for the part of the nuclear bomb soaring in the sky. When that was happening, I knew in my heart that it was the end of everything. I was trying to duck and cover, I couldn't find my husband, I was with the company of some people I barely know but we were all in a frantic mood trying to hold on to the life that we once knew. Then I woke up.

According to, when a nuclear bomb appears in a dream, it means that the dreamer has feelings of helplessness and loss of control. The dreamer is feeling hostility and rage where it is nearly destructive. It also means that significant changes are about to occur and the dreamer may be showing a desire to wipe out some aspects of himself. On the other hand, a nuclear bomb also indicates that something precious to the dreamer has ended.

Wow, all these meanings were right on the money. I have been feeling helpless lately, like I'm losing control. There are some deep-seated hostility and rage that I've been bottling up and I think it is affecting my health at the moment (I have been experiencing GERD symptoms for a while now and I haven't gone to the doctor yet). I do want to wipe out these negative aspects of myself as of late but I'm not yet getting successful with it. Regarding the precious thing that has ended, I know that to be true too. Since someone close to me threatened my life, that bond has been eradicated and it hurts so bad.

Anyway, I hope all these things will soon go away. I hope I can forgive and forget. I don't want my health to suffer coz it's no picnic to be suffering from GERD. And I want to enjoy the coming Halloween!

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