Monday, September 18, 2006

Dream Interpretation - Monster with Fat Belly

I'm currently reading a book entitled The Secret Language of Dreams by, David Fontana PhD. When I bought it weeks ago during one of National Bookstore's mega sale at Eastwood, what attracted this book to me was its purple cover and artful pages. But when I started to read it I got really interested. The first half of the book talks about dream histories as far back as the biblical times and theories by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, stuff college students study about in their Theology and Psychology 101 classes. Having read all the theories, I now came upon this interpretation which helped me decipher some of my dreams...

I was dreaming of three fat-bellied giant monsters in a hilly village and an unfamiliar house. I was taking a bath while at the same time hiding in a messy bathroom. When I went out, I was in a dirty kitchen and I was making sure that the doors were locked.

According to my dream book, "If unfamiliar surroundings make the dreamer fee lost or afraid, he or she may not yet be ready to leave an old way of life behind. However, feelings of excitement suggest that the dreamer is ready for change." As for the giants, " such figures often represent dominating adults in the child's life. By confronting thee monters in their dreams, children can come to terms with them in their emotional lives."

The giant ugly monsters in my dream scared the hell out of me! And I was in a messy and unfamiliar surrounding. Does this mean that in spite of my boss, I am not ready to leave my way of life with GSIS? Hmmm... I think so too.

My work as the Vice President's executive secretary is not that bad. My boss can be a slave driver but I've handled her well so far. Plus, there are some perks too. Like when she's out in a meeting (which is fairly usual), I can just sit and relax, read my book, write or simply do nothing. But when my boss is here, that's when I'm in my robotic mode and I'm used to it already.

I think in every bad situation, it's just a matter of seeing the positive side and taking all the good things in it. Like, my pay and financial benefits are higher than most. I may only be a secretary, but my income is comparable to that of a manager in a private corporation. I can afford to travel, buy the things I want, send my brother to school, help out my parents financially, and save a little for the future without having a very heavy responsibility at work. I think my life is not that bad. Plus, ever since I was a kid, I only wanted to finish school, live my life and have some extra money in my pocket. I hadn't had any inkling to climb the corporate ladder like my other friends and I sure don't wanna start now. I am happy to be content. It's a nice feeling for once.Having had a difficult childhood with nothing to eat and vying for honors every year just so I could maintain my scholarship, I think I've come a long way. I still have my misgivings especailly about parenthood but if in case that day of finally craving for a child will never come, I am still complete coz being happy is what matters the most.


Flying is my recurrent dream. According to my dream book, "Flying dreams often bring a sense of exhilaration, and some dreamers speak of a strange recognition, as if flying is a skill that they have always possessed, yet have forgotten how to use... Flying unaided can be an archetypal expression of the dreamer's higher self, or his/her sense of immortality."

When I'm flying in my deams, I feel good. There's a struggle at first but once I lift off the ground, I feel marvelous! I'd dream of flying when I am super stressed, like I'm carrying the weight of the world. Perhaps, it's an escape for me ... that for even just a little while, I'd feel free from all of the burdens I'm carrying.

I also remember having dreamt about stabbing my step grandmother several times on the chest. This happened when I was in highschool and I was really detesting her for the way she was manipulating my life. I guess I was just so mad at her that it manifested violently in my dreams. According to my book, " this may represent a fight against unwanted aspects of the dreamer's inner or outer life". It's true. Coz at that time, there were so many artful things I wanted to explore but my step grandmother stopped me every time and I'd just accept whatever decision she made in my behalf. I kept it all in, not wanting to jeopardize my relationship with her. I think that was my mind's way of letting my creeping anger come out into the surface and recognize the fact that I am not really ok and that I have to do something about it lest I wanted to become insane from all her manipulations. Watch out for more dream interpretations as I start a dream journal here in my blog. Until then... Sweet dreamzzzzzz... ;-)

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