Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dream Interpretation - Clark Kent

Peter and I were burning the midnight oil watching DVDs. I was getting sleepy already and next thing I knew, I was already in dream land aboard this space-like craft without roof and bobbing up and down in the middle of the sea. In my dream, I recognized it as Clark Kent's Space Ship though now that I think about it, it's no way near like that ship at all. For one, this is huge and octagonal in shape. And most importantly, like I mentioned, it has no roof or shield over our heads.

Anyway, I was just strapped there when I noticed that a similar space craft appeared out of nowhere and started descending instead of crashing into the water. The sight of it really made me so scared. Still, I stayed where I am. Next thing I knew, the craft started tilting first then it descended underwater. I knew I should drown but I wasn't afraid at all of the water and miraculously I was able to breathe. Then all of a sudden, the craft reached land, like we were in the middle of a small village. The ship was then being pulled by an invisible force and the people on the ship freaked out and unstrapped themselves from their seats and got out of the ship while I stayed. Finally, I freaked out and next thing I knew, I was on a wheelchair, being pulled again by the invisible force until it stopped right in the middle of Clark Kent and his parents, like I was part of their family. It was all soooo weird.

For Freud " sea travel may represent a journey into the unconscious "; While " Jung believed that turning to face the sea indicates that the dreamer is prepared to confront the unconscious. " Generally, " Water symbolizes the unconscious, the depths of the imagination, the source of creativity. " Perhaps this particular dream is telling me that I am more ready now to face the demons in my head. These demons refer to my recurrent angst and other unresolved issues in my personal life. If this is the case, then it is right because by merely remembering, jotting down and interpreting my dreams and putting them 'out there', these acts already show that I am more ready than ever to know more about myself and the mysteries surrounding my subconscious and unconscious life.

With regard to the absurdities of being in a spacecraft floating on the sea and being able to breathe underwater, my book says that " ...dreams often juxtapose seemingly incomprehensible elements. These remind the dreamer of life's infinite possibilities - be more adventurous. " I think I am being reminded that there is more to life than my 8-5 desk job. While it's true that I do have a life apart from work (I go out and party, I read my books, watch various flicks, do volunteer work, create stuff, do sports, play some music, etc,) perhaps it's telling me that what I am doing right now is not enough. I should be able to take more risks and handle more enjoyable tasks. Hmmm.... No wonder that after dreaming of this, I suddenly had this urge to plan for another out of town trip. I immediately booked our flights to various destinations and I'll worry about our finances later. It says 'be more adventurous' so, there. :-) Seriously though, I've been tapped to join this pool of candidates for future promotion to executive position. But I AM SCARED. I am so used to being my boss' slave coz it has its own perks too (like not being stressed so much which is very important to my physical and emotional health). I am thinking of NOT TAKING THAT KIND OF RISK. This is the government we're talking about for crying out loud! Politics is everywhere here. What do I know about that? You'll never know what will happen next. I'd rather live peacefully and happily than be bogged down by unimportant political tasks. It's just not me. So.... there. Thanks but no thanks. :-)

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