Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tarot Card Reading - King of Pentacles

I am feeling particularly down, confused, emotional, and tense. I haven't been in touch with my Wiccan side for a while now. I was busying myself with mindless stuff like watching DVDs & TV series and playing with my PSP (In just 2 days, I already garnered 25/30 triwizard shields playing Harry Potter!) just because I wanted to quiet the many disconcerting voices in my head. It actually helped when I took care of my hubby last week when he got hospitalized. At least, I was busy doing something more meaningful and I forgot all about my voices and the worry they bring me. And now that I'm back to my old routine, I just want to make sense of it all and start anew. So today, after doing my morning preliminaries (workout, breakfast with hubby, watched a bit of Medium and Girls Next Door, ran errands), I sat down in front of my lappy and checked my emails. I normally don't open those that pertain to my fortune especially when I am particularly happy and content. But since I've been feeling otherwise for a while now, I thought of reading one from It goes...

Focus renewed attention on your professional ambitions and stature in society during the last few hours of Solar Capricorn. A Moon-Venus flowing trine from Scorpio to Pisces (7:00AM PST) gives you plenty to cheer about this morning. Your ingenuity can shine in arts, crafts and beloved hobbies. Wit and wisdom are reinforced by a subtle and yet still potent Mercury-Pluto 30-degree rapport (9:58AM PST). Additional inspirations are on tap by 1:19PM PST when the Moon makes a harmonious trine to Uranus. Think more along universal and intuitive lines for a change of pace. Catch up with e-mail and locate new sources of entertainment on the world wide web. Today's main cosmic event clocks in at 2:41PM PST when the Sun shifts its allegiance from earthy Capricorn to airy Aquarius. Group projects, team sports and community events are now thrust into the limelight over the next four weeks. Consider novel ways to join forces with global causes and movements that speak to your heart and soul. If volatile mood swings are sending you on highly discordant emotional roller coaster rides, you are in good company. Millions of your fellow human beings are in the same boat right now. Chaotic and confusing vibes reach a new crescendo this evening during a Moon-Neptune square (7:38PM PST). This type of lunar aspect is not only an obstacle to clear thinking, but it also begins a long void lunar cycle that lasts until 9:31PM PST tomorrow morning when the Moon darts into fiery Sagittarius. Pushing your agenda too far too fast tonight can boomerang with nasty results. Strive for serenity and peace of mind.

I'm still all cloudy about what this all means. But I did "Catch up with e-mail and locate new sources of entertainment on the world wide web. It's a brilliant video that was almost real. I almost believed it. It would've been wonderful if that was really me. I'm the only Jen Juan I know after all. Anyway, like I said, I'm still a bit fuzzy about my horoscope for today. So I consulted with my tarot cards and picked one as my card of the day. This is what I got:

Whenever pentacles are drawn, it usually means wealth, material blessings, good fortune, dreams coming true. It's even better when it's the KING of Pentacles because the term "KING" denotes male force, stability, authority. So it made me wonder a bit coz stability (emotionally) is the least of what I'm feeling right now and because I am want for joy, I am also particulalrly not feeling very wealthy despite what my bank account tells me. It also doesn't help that every time I hear the news , it's all about the global financial crisis and how we should all do our share to scrimp and invest wisely. So I researched a bit about this card some more. According to

This card is one of the court cards and can be read either as another person in your life or the energy that you need to take on today. For this reading I’m interpreting the King of Pentacles as the latter.

This King is the masculine like personality of the Earth element. He (although in readings it can be a she) is mature, resourceful and can be very businesslike.

The energy you need to adopt today is that of being a success. This card is not about half measures or ‘almost there’s the King of Pentacles is successful and he knows it! You may not feel like you are a success in aspects of your life so today ‘fake it until you make it’.

Furthermore, click this video to know more about the good fortune that this card brings. Hmmm... I guess it's all making sense now... a bit of sense, at least. I've been wanting to get my hands on a serious business venture since last year. But I got caught up with other seemingly important things that it always got pushed back. Lately, I've been thinking about it again. There will be financial risks involved and my lifestyle of partying and beach bumming could get affected. On the other hand, I believe it will help me become more mature, more responsible and sensible as a person and as an entrepreneur. My mind is not made up yet, but with these readings, I am seriously considering doing it once and for all. According to, these are the series of actions I must take in order to ensure success in my venture:

makes any venture successful
finds opportunity everywhere
attracts wealth
takes an idea and makes it work
is a natural manager and businessperson
has the Midas touch

is informed about practical matters
has a wide range of natural abilities
has quick reflexes
is skillful with his or her hands
handles any situation competently

meets all commitments and promises
assumes responsibility
is dependable and unfailing
can be counted on in a crisis
serves as a rock for others to lean on

encourages the accomplishments of others
readily jumps in to help
is a philantropist
gives generously of time and attention
sponsors worthwhile projects

works toward a goal with firm resolve
avoids mood and behavior swings
has regular habits and activities
maintains a calm, even approach
is a stabilizing influence

Of all those listed above, what I I need to work on the most is being STEADY --- works toward a goal with firm resolve, avoids mood and behavior swings, has regular habits and activities, maintains a calm, even approach, is a stabilizing influence. From here, I can then work my way up. So be it. So help me, God.

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