Friday, November 6, 2009

Tarot Card Reading For Halloween

During the Halloween, I did a couple of tarot card readings for some of my family and friends. But before all that, I did one for myself and I was pretty happy with the outcome. And did I mention that I read it on a full moon?

Here's the layout of the cards:


1 - The card in the middle, underneath (YOU NOW)

2- The card in the middle, top (PRESENT OBSTACLE)

3- The card at the left side, underneath (PAST ISSUE STILL UNRESOLVED)

4- The card at the left, top (PAST OBSTACLE)

5- The card at the right (THE WAY AHEAD)

The cards and their meaning:

1- Eight of Pentacles

"When this card appears in a layout, it signifies that now is the time to get on with it. Concentrate on getting the job done, whatever it is. It may not necessarily be a practical job like the man chiselling away his coins but attend to your relationship, check the facts, read between the lines and give all your time to the task at hand. The more you persevere, the more successful will be the outcome."

This card signifies that I am currently dedicated to my jobs, displaying patient actions and painstaking attention to details, that even if my jobs could be repetitive and boring sometimes, my perseverance is paying off. It also indicates new training for a new skill in order to widen my knowledge. So true!

"Another interpretation of this card is that you have reached a level of proficiency where things have become a little too easy. You feel on top of it, but with that sense of achievement, you need something else to get your teeth into --- a new project, a new relationship. Repetition and daily routines need to change so that you can shift into another gear. Time to add variety to your life so you don't get bogged down in the same old thing. "

My jobs have in fact become too easy for me. This is why I am planning for a new project that I can get my hands on once the holiday season is over (and when I say over, I mean, after New Year. Coz since Halloween arrived, I feel like I am on vacation mode and I will be for the next 2 months until the Yuletide season is over.) However, despite my "vacation mode", I did change my schedule and my routine. Since my jobs have become rather easy for me, I now have time to play with my toys (my Wii, PSP, drums, guitar, keyboards, read my books, watch DVD movies, etc.. ^_^

2 - Three of Cups

"This card represents the ability to widen our feelings, to give out our joy and happiness to more than one person and to start to interact to small groups of people who will boost our own sense of happiness and spirit. As an 'obstacle' card, you might be spending so much time partying or indulging in social niceties that you haven't been giving yourself enough individual time alone to sort out your priorities."

It's so amazing how this card is so right! I do have the ability to share my time, my joy, my happiness with others. In fact, last month alone, I've been so busy being with other people, going out of town, attending to social activities that I haven't really had the time to just be. If I'm not socializing with others, I am busy working. And the rest of time is just spent relaxing that I haven't really been able to sort out what is really important for me and my future. I do have plans... great plans in fact. But I always manage to push it farther down my list because of other so-called "important" things. This should really change. After the holidays, I should really start with my new plans.

3- Ten of Swords

"This card is one of the most powerful in the deck, but like all tens, this card indicates the end of a cylce and the beginning of a new one. But before you can embark on a new journey, you must liberate yourself from old patterns of behavior, drop emotional baggage and say goodbye to the old you. As a 'past issue' card that is still unresolved, it signifies the "No it's fine, I don't need anyone, I can do it alone attitude". The power of the victim and martyr are equally chilling in their manifestation."

I do have that kind of attitude. Considering the fact that I have always been an independent person since I was a little kid, I've always learned how to fend for myself. I rarely rely on other people to do stuff for me which is also why deep down inside, I aslo don't appreciate when people ask huge favors from me. It's coz I think that if I can do stuff on my own, then they should too. I know it's selfish and could be dangerous for me too. Take for instance what I did just a few days ago. This attitide of mine coupled with my OC tendencies, led me to fix the skull lantern I had set up on our roof for the Halloween. One night, it got blown off by the wind and the heavy rains. I didn't want to wait for Peter and despite the rain, I got our ladder, went up there and fixed it. When I told Peter about it, he got mad. He said what if I got into an accident or something? I told him, I didn't and that I can do it by myself coz I knew he doesn't like doing stuff like that. We ended up having a small fight that night. So yeah, I guess I should really stop playing the martyr type. Sometimes, it's better to ask people for help coz who knows, they might even be happy to help me. Same goes for other more important situations.

4- The Hierophant

"The most important lesson this card teaches is that, however much you may trust or stick to your beliefs, there are others who have their own too. As a 'past obstacle' card, it means that you may have had to battle with peer pressure, sharing a belief system, knowing how to act appropriately, conforming and holding back. It means that your inner spiritual soul needs expression."

I did have this kind of obstacle. I have very strong beliefs about life and how it should be lived and no matter what other people say, I always know that mine is more right. I am that stubborn. But I did manage to lessen this arrogance of mine. Though I may not cater to other people's beliefs, I am now more open and accepting. Nevertheless, I don't fear expressing my own principles through my actions.

5- Six of Cups

"This card indicates that your inner child is now at work and needs expression. Perhaps it is time to look back at good childhood memories, to remember how it was to play without all the fears, self-doubt and illusions that you now carry as an adult. This card implies that by giving out goodness around you, it will come back to you too. Enjoy feeling playful, and let this card remind you of relationships that have enriched your life as well as those that have been painful. If you have unfinished business from the past, now is the time to put it aside and welcome fulfillment or true exchanges of love in your life."

Recently, I have been rather playful and childlike. For a long time now, I have been looking at life more positively than before. In my own little ways, I have been spreading goodness to other people and I have always been thankful to people, things, events who/that have been blessings to me in my life. And whatever this unfinished business is, I am letting it go and looking forward to more fulfillment, happiness and great things. ^_^

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