Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Psychic Connection to the Spirit World

There are those who were lucky to be born in this world with an extraordinary tie to the energies of those in the supernatural realm. This connection is considered so special that not very many people have this gift. This person, with a unique ability to communicate with the other side, is called a psychic medium. But there comes a time, when a person interested in the paranormal, can harness these gifts. You might be interested in knowing this so read on. There are a number of secrets you need to know if you are to learn about this astounding gift.

A psychic medium is a precious breed. He serves as a connection between ordinary human beings and those of the supernatural realm. He receives messages from the universal spirit such as Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, who are of highly evolved nature. To know what it is like to be a psychic medium, here are the three important processes you must learn.

1. Learn how to ask.

There is a proper way for a psychic medium to ask his Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. It is important that one should learn this; otherwise, as a psychic medium, he would've failed in his vocation. The proper way to do it would be in a form of a prayer. Trying to command a spirit to talk to you is not a good way of communicating with them. Asking must be done with adoration and reverence. Respect for the spirit world is a crucial step in this process and you must remember this always.

Now, as a client wanting to experience being serviced by a psychic medium, you have to make sure that you offer a prayer if you wish to communicate with spirits. Rest assured that 99% of the time, your prayer will be answered.

2. Open your consciousness.

A psychic medium has perfected the art of meditation. He knows how to clear his mind and heart to be open to supernatural communication. This is accomplished through a constant practice of meditation. You can do this by first taking deep breaths and feeling peace and calm engulfing you. The more you feel relaxed, the easier it is for you to communicate with the spirit world, which includes your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, therefore, making it easier for you to receive their messages.

3. Be grateful for your gift.

A psychic medium never leaves anything out, whether they be the vibrations and energies he feels all around him or the messages his Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are telling him, he gives his all to the person he is serving. It is his purpose to help out people by conveying the messages he receives, therefore, he is always able to give 100% of his readings, of himself, to his client. He has no need for ego-boosting schemes because he knows that what he is saying is correct. He does not need to prove himself to anyone. His convictions allow him to serve the people who need his help and he is eternally grateful for that. Having a grateful heart is a psychic medium's aide in eternalizing his gifts. Gratitude is actually one of life's principles that make us attract more of those things that we want in life. So have a grateful heart. It's good for your soul.

And so, the next time you contemplate about the way you are living your earthly life, consult with a psychic medium. He has a deeper and broader consciousness that is lacking in most of us, and which would tremendously aid us in making the most out of our life. You can also practice the steps enumerated here and soon, you will start opening yourself up to greater possibilities.

-- Tana Hoy article by The baby Wiccan

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