Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Psychic Power of Water

Our planet has four basic fundamental elements. Water is one of them. All living organisms will perish without it. While it is the fundamental bedrock of life here on Earth, water also reveals certain psychic powers, only gifted people know about.

In certain parts of the world, there are water wells that contain miraculous water. Its power is that of the healing kind, driving thousands, and even millions of people, to visit these wells year after year, hoping to get cured from grave illnesses, such as AIDS, cancer, obesity, and a lot more. And indeed, many of these people have been healed, all thanks to the miraculous power of water.

3 Most Famous Wells with Water Psychic Miracle Power

Wells containing water, with psychic miracle power, can be found at various places around the world. Three of the most popular places are:

1. Jesus Chahin's well at the little town of Tlacote, Mexico

The water from this well has a very distinct molecular composition than any regular drinking water --- it weighs less. Many believe that this is where all that psychic miracle power is coming from.

2. Theo Tommes' Spring water at a mine at Nordenau, district of Schmakenberg, in Germany, 100 km east of Dusseldorf

In January 1992, numerous healings here have even been scientifically investigated. Dr Hans Jurgen Steinbruck, a GP from Frankfurt/Main, conducted a study, and discovered that 30% of the visitors to the Grotto Brandholz in Nordenau were totally cured, and 28% percent was reported to have experienced great improvement in health.

3. Water from the village of Nadana, 150 km north of Delhi, in India

It was without warning, when water suddenly came out from a tube well, in this small village, in September 1992. The people who bathed in its water, later reported to have gotten healed, not just of skin diseases, but of their grave illnesses as well. Many others reported to have experienced marked improvement in their health.

If you want to experience the same things these people did, you no longer need to travel many miles for it. You can actually uncover the power of water right inside your home. What you can do, to achieve this, is try water scrying, or Hydromancy.

A General Look At Hydromancy

Hydromancy is a very old form of divination. It's been practiced for thousands of years, and its primary medium in getting messages from the beyond, is through the use of water. Psychics use this in order to foretell the future. Actually, one of the foremost psychics of our time, Nostradamus, also utilized the power of Hydromancy to see the future, by simply observing the water's movement in a bowl. He wrote whatever it was that he saw, and used its powers, with unbelievable accuracy.

4 Techniques In Hydromancy

1. Outdoors In Nature

How nice would it be to exercise Hydromancy along one of the bodies of water near your place. It could be by the beach, along a river or stream, by the lake, etc. Find a quiet spot where you can sit down, relax, and observe the water in peace. Meditate for a while as you are looking at the water. Throw a pebble, and observe the ripples creating images in the water.

2. Indoors

Inside your house, or office, or school, find a quiet spot where you can meditate and relax. Bring a bowl with you, that has some patterns on it, which can be made of either metal, brass, or glass. Pour some water into it. Concentrate on the water, similar with what you do outdoors, and closely observe as images start to appear.

What Are The 7 Other Psychic Miracle Powers of Water

There are several other psychic miracle powers of water that you can discover as you further practice Hydromancy. By using the psychic miracle power of water, you will soon find out the answers to these:

1. How you can open yourself to so much more as you practice psychic work.

2. How you can be so much happier than before.

3. How you are able to cleanse your soul and your energy.

4. How you can foretell the future, and look back at the past.

5. How you can exorcise bad spirits, negative entities, and ghosts around you.

6. How you can attract fairies and elves into your house.

7. How you can attract everything that is good, like health and wealth, when you need them the most.

Starting today, tap into the psychic miracle power of water. It does not only grant us the life we're now enjoying, but it can offer so much more blessings too.

-- Tana Hoy article by The Baby Wiccan.

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