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Aura Reading - How To Read Aura

Giving an aura reading is one example of accurate psychic reading, people who are born psychics, usually do. However, for a typical person with normal abilities, but who may be interested in the supernatural realm, learning how to read auras may just entice him to finally know more about this interesting and mystical world.

By definition, an aura is a multi-colored layer of energy field that envelops every living thing in this world. When psychics give you accurate psychic readings on auras, you will be given clues as to what they say about you, your deepest secrets, the patterns of your life, your current mood and disposition, etc., depending on the color and behavior or your aura. This is one of the reasons why people go to psychics --- to find deeper answers and meanings about their lives. For non-psychics who want to learn how to give accurate psychic readings such as aura readings, here are quick and simple steps you can do:

5 Actions You Can Do

1. Try to look for a well-lit room inside your home somewhere that does not have harsh lighting.

2. Get a piece of white paper where you can place your hand on.

3. Once you place your hand on the white paper, focus on the outline of your hand. What do you see around your fingers?

4. Once you are relaxed, you will see a kind of haze surrounding your hand.

5. Concentrate some more, and you will be able to see its color. Once you get better at this, you will eventually see many colors. It just takes time and more practice.

Getting better at seeing auras is a step forward to giving accurate psychic readings. Eventually, you will notice that auras come in many different colors, and each color denotes something important and unique to the subject. Knowing each one can help you find out what the subject's body is secretly telling you, which could perhaps, help him or her, lead a much better, even healthier life. This way, you will be able to give accurate psychic readings of the aura.

7 Common Colors of Aura Defined

1.Red - means will power, great passion and strength. If it's the darker kind of red, it corresponds to the subject's moodiness. He or she could be exhibiting anxiety and panic attacks and is impulsive in his or her decisions. Note that any shade or red usually denotes having nervous tendencies that are quite strong.

2.Orange - signifies warmth. The person bearing this color of aura is the kind-hearted type. Orange also means having creative and thoughtful qualities. If it is in darker hue, it signifies being vain and full of pride. Golden shade represents self-control. With regard to one's health, orange may mean problems in the kidneys that should not be ignored.

3. Yellow - denotes positive energies, an active mental activity, exploration of new knowledge, and opportunities. If it's the golden type, it signifies that the person is able to take care of him/herself properly. If it's the ruddy shade, it just means that the person is not comfortable in social settings and could be the shy type.

4. Green - means peace, quiet and an air of sympathy. It also denotes that the subject has a healing capability. If it's the darker shade, however, this would mean uncertainty and jealousy.

5. Blue - denotes mood swings, depression, and sadness. But usually, it also means a kind of quiet and peace. If it's the darker shade, it's a good thing because the darker hues signify contentment by having found the vocation perfect for the person involved.

6. Indigo and Violet - denote that the person with this aura is experiencing discontent with his or her life. That person is still seeking for a greater meaning and purpose. If the hues are dark, that would signify that the subject has a lot of challenges to face is more often than not, misunderstood.

7. Black - is a color that denotes protection. But it could also mean that the person having this as his aura's color could be hiding something deep and dark.

Being aware of the meanings of these colors will guide you in giving accurate psychic readings to people you care about. So study them well and enjoy giving your next batch of accurate psychic readings.

--Tana Hoy article by The Baby Wiccan

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