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Ouija Board - How To Use It

Psychic mediums would usually tell you not play around with your Ouija boards, because like what most people believe about this game, it can get dangerous. Ouija boards can serve as a portal to dark and evil realms, and we don't want that to be inside our households. Although the board, in itself, is not really evil, the kind of communication being attempted in this activity could be.

During the game, a player will assume the role of a medium. Another one will take the position of a writer who should be fast enough in writing down whatever messages the spirit will spell on the Ouija board. Please take note that the kinds of spirits that you will contact through this game, are those who are believed to be found in the lower astral plane. It is a dimension that can be likened to hell, because the souls and spirits who live there are those who used to live as criminals and extreme sinners. This is actually why psychic mediums wouldn't recommend playing this game. If you should know, many of the people who played with Ouija boards before will attest to the fact that their lives have never been the same after playing with it. And they meant this in a not-so-good kind of way.

Most of the time, more than one spirit will try to come through, and the risks become greater when the participants start asking for physical proof. Doing so is synonymous to granting these spirits permission to enter our physical plane, and who knows what kinds of trouble these spirits will go into? There is probably no chance of reversing this process once it's started especially if amateurs were the ones who summoned them.

Having a psychic medium with your group, you wouldn't be needing to play with a Ouija board. Psychic mediums see ghosts and spirits all the time, he can communicate with them and even ask for their help, protection and guidance. And the best thing about it is, the spirits the psychic medium sees are real and good, as compared to the evil ones being summoned using a Ouija board.

However, if you are really psyched about playing with the Ouija board, try to make sure that you have a psychic medium around, to at least protect and guide you along the way. In the event that you can't find one, there are tips you should follow, which are given by the foremost psychic mediums around, to make sure that you are safe while playing with the Ouija board.

3 Mystery Pointers For Ouija Board Players

1. The player posing as the psychic medium, or medium of the group, must make an announcement saying that the game is about to begin. Say to the group that only positive energies will be allowed to come in, and that all bad energies won't be welcomed.

2. Never ask the spirits to show physical signs that they are there.

3. The moment the group has finished playing with the Ouija board, make sure that you slide the pointer down to the word 'GOODBYE'. Then remove your hands from the board, Close the board and keep it somewhere hidden.

If you desert these pointers given here, you run the risk of having a troublesome spirit or even spirits, stuck at your home. Stories have been told before about stuff flying around the house, or items missing, and even noise that cannot be explained. People have been hassled and tormented in the past by spirits who were not able to go back to where they came from. If you don't want these evil things happening in your home, or to you personally, make sure that you follow the pointers that have been given to you.

Ouija board is not a game that anybody can play. The best thing to do would be to not even attempt to play it. Otherwise, have a psychic medium with you to ensure your safety and protection. The next best thing would be to follow the safety tips given here, be ready for the events that may unfold next and always be careful.

-- Tana Hoy article by The Baby Wiccan


  1. well this article finally explains why my entire family's life went to hell in a handbasket starting the night we got a board as a party game and it's been going on for the past 19 years (no joke.) How do I get rid of whatever negative energy or angry spirit that's here? We've got some rooms ice cold and some are really hot too, that started around the time we played with the board and I heard hot and cold spots can be signs of spirits. Help?

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your plight. The best advice I can give you is to seek out a real psychic medium who is an expert on these things. They'd usually know what to do and on how to properly banish bad spirits. You can also try having your home blessed by a priest if you're Catholic. I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help.



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