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Dreams - Language and Interpretation

They say that in understanding dreams, there is really nothing psychic about it. There is a certain degree of instinctive discernment involved, together with sound logic, and a good memory of what has been dreamt.

If this is true, how come dreams have been such mysteries since the beginning of time? Even during the era of the Old Testament, psychics and prophets have been summoned by kings and queens just to find out the meanings of their dreams.

Today, people either call on psychics, dream interpreters, or psychologists to unlock those secrets hidden in dreams. Here are some interpretations of the psychic secret language of dreams:

Most Common Dreams and Its Interpretations

1. Death dreams - If the dream is about a loved one's death, the dreamer may be lacking some key qualities which the loved one has when he or she was still alive.

If the dreamer dreamt his/her own death, it signifies a transition phase in his/her life. The dreamer may be going through changes and he/she is becoming more wise and enlightened. On the other hand, it could also mean that the dreamer is trying hard to escape the reality that he/she is in. The dreamer should ask him/herself this: "What am I escaping from? Do I really want this?"

2. Chase dreams - They usually stem from feelings of anxiety and panic during your waking life. When you are being attacked and threatened by a dangerous person, or a monster, or an animal, your first natural instinct would be to flee.

In the dreamer's waking life, he may be undergoing a lot of stress and pressure. Instead of facing and conquering them, he does the opposite by quitting a job for example, or running away from his marriage, and many more. What ought to be done is to know who or what is chasing him so he may have an insight into understanding how to cope with the situation.

3. Naked dreams - These dreams signify feelings of disgrace and embarrassment. If you dream yourself of being naked, it means that you have been feeling vulnerable in your waking life. You may also be trying hard to hide something from people you come in contact with everyday, trying to be something that you are clearly not, whether at home, in school, or in the office.

Whichever it is, naked dreams show the level of apprehension and anxiety the dreamer is having in real life. If you are this dreamer, you should concentrate on your amazing qualities instead, be your real self and keep growing as your own person.

The three dreams mentioned are some of the most typical dreams people usually have. Like what was mentioned, we live in two kinds of worlds. To wit:

1. The Waking World - It is based on facts; it can be analyzed and proven; and consists of sociological behavior.

2. The Dream World - It is cryptic, puzzling and elusive.

In the waking world, we can mostly pinpoint the causes and effects of our actions. But in the dream world, we are so lost in translation. Does the dream world speak of a psychic language? Or are we just not skilled enough to know heir meanings?

Historically speaking, many different cultures in our world swore by the fact that dreams are ultimate visitations from the gods. And then recently, it was believed that horrific visions brought by nightmares were actually demons, visiting and seducing the innocent dreamer victim. These are clearly obsolete interpretations of dreams and you don't need a psychic to tell you this.

Sigmund Freud's Take on Dreams

When Sigmund Freud came into the picture between the 19th and 20th centuries, dreams were then interpreted as hidden and repressed desires of the dreamer, mostly involving sexual desires. Then Carl Jung provided a different view which tells us that dreams are the "collective unconscious" of the world, containing limitless reservoir of symbolism which we can draw upon in our dreams.

In the end, whatever it is that occur in your dreams, whether it be happy or sad, good or bad, you can be sure that you are being summoned by your subconscious. Your subconscious is reaching out to you, wanting to bring vital information and deeply hidden secrets about your life --- your lifestyle, your health, your loved ones, your work, etc. Aren't you compelled to heed the call? Would you want to open the psychic secret language of your dreams?

-- Tana Hoy article by The Baby Wiccan

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