Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tarot Card Reading - Six of Swords

On our Valentine weekend, I had this dilemma of whether to go through with our windsurfing adventure or not. Good thing that I had some help on this matter, coz lately, whenever we travel, I tend to bring my Tarot cards with me. That weekend was no exception.

Feeling confused and a bit disappointed with myself for feeling unsure about going through with the windsurfing activity, I consulted my Tarot cards by picking one.

After a few moments, I picked the SIX OF SWORDS. I was so amazed. This card is all about having a new perspective, being able to recover, and most of the time pertains to travel. How freaky was that! We were traveling, I needed to have a new perspective about the situation, and I needed to recover and decide fast. Furthermore, this card was telling me that:

"If you are in troubled waters, then this card indicates that you are about to move to calmer ones... You are not exactly in an exuberant position and you are a little wary of what's ahead, but you can at least see life and events with a more objective perspective."

How true indeed. At first I was uncomfortable with the whole windsurfing thing because of the cold wind and the seemingly murky lake water. But I think once I got over those things, the situation would be much more fun and exciting, which actually happened that weekend. Even the picture was already describing a thousand words... It's telling me to let go of my prissiness, go back to the murky lake and just do what I intended to do which was to windsurf! I'm glad I listened to my Tarot card. That particular weekend ended up to be the best Valentine weekend I ever had. ^_^

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