Sunday, March 14, 2010

Psychic Power of Automatic Writing

Accurate psychic readings can come in many forms. One of which is what comes out in a psychic state called automatic writing. It is a writing method that is done in a trance-like state, or without the conscious knowledge of the writer. It is somehow similar to speaking in tongues, which happens in certain religious practices, only this time, instead of uttering random words, the person is writing automatically. There are moments though, when the writer is aware of his or her surroundings, except the act of writing being done by his, or her hand. Because the person is said to be controlled by a power greater than his own, it is believed that authentic, and accurate psychic readings can be received through automatic writing.

2 Methods For Automatic Writing

1.Therapy - Automatic writing is a tool in Psychology, hypothesized by Freud, as a person looks deeper into his being. By getting accurate psychic readings in this manner, the one writing is granted a deeper insight about his own self, his thoughts, his feelings, and even his most coveted secrets. It was by Pierre Janet in France who first applied this method. Later on, Morton Prince, and Anita Muhl, in the United States followed suit.

2.Religion - Apart from the ability to speak in tongues, the New Age movement also used automatic writing, as well as Spiritualism, as a form of receiving accurate psychic readings. In the 20th century, a psychic named Helene Smith, became popular for her belief that Martians were contacting her through her automatic writing. She even asserted that she can translate into her native language the Martian messages being sent to her.

Skeptics, of course, never believed in such things. They claimed that it's just another deceiving act performed by people, seeking fame, and recognition. They wondered how automatic writing can give accurate psychic readings, when it can just be induced by a person's subconscious.

Because unconscious ideas are conveyed in automatic writing, skeptics say that it is not very likely that these writings can be more meaningful, and profound, than the thoughts of the writer while he or she is conscious. Yet the skeptics also admit that they have never had much luck with automatic writing, or in most cases, even tried it.

Still, there are those who know the power of automatic writing, and they want to seek accurate psychic readings, to get information about their past, present, and future life. It is also one way to confirm a message from someone who just died. Answers may baffle, and surprise you. Be ready for these things by keeping an open mind.

Steps in Automatic Writing

Automatic writing can be done with a piece of pen and paper, or with the use of a computer. It doesn't matter whether what you're typing, or writing, is legible, or if it make any sense. Even typo errors can convey some kind of messages. You may also draw images instead of writing words. This is okay. Know that whatever form of writing that comes out from this activity, is a message from the beyond. If it's an accurate psychic reading though, only you will be able to judge that.

So you can go ahead and try this endeavor. But if it's automatic answers that you want, the most accurate psychic readings you will get will be through the help of a Psychic Medium. Simply contacting one, and opening yourself up to the possibility of being able to talk to your own Spirit Guides, rather than the entities that just want to mess with you, is better, and can guarantee faster, and authentic results. This is because Psychic Mediums don't need to wait to be put into a trance to be able to receive messages from the dead, they can see, and talk to ghosts and spirits all the time.

-- Tana Hoy article by The baby Wiccan.

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