Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How Does Psychic Healing Work?

Psychic Healing

When psychic energy is channeled to alleviate a physical condition or illness, healing the person in the process, then that is called psychic healing. The psychic healer uses his or her intuitive abilities, clairvoyance, or telepathy to heal the condition or illness.

How Does Psychic Healing Work?

Psychic healing is one of those abilities that a psychic can develop if he or she doesn’t possess it yet. This kind of healing works with healing energy. It is believed that sickness originates from imbalances or blockages in energy centers of the body, and if these imbalances or blockages can be released, the body will be restored back to its natural state of health once again.

This is based on the principle that a person is more than his body. Ailments are usually symptoms of deeper emotional issues, which need healing. This is also why affirmations help in the healing process. Affirmations are a kind of energy work that lets the subconscious mind focus on positive thoughts, thereby uplifting the person’s emotions and strengthening his aura.

Science has already proven that stress and depression, can have serious health affects on our bodies. So I encourage everyone to live life to it’s fullest! You can heal yourself from whatever emotional distress you may have, and help lower your chances of having a serious physical ailment, by constantly maintaining a positive outlook, letting go of bitter memories, forgiving those who have transgressed against you, and living a healthy and well-balanced life. You will and can become a happier, healthier you.

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  1. I don't know if anyone remembers Alex Sanders, King of the Witches, but he tells a story that during world war two there was an invasion planned and the route was across the British Channel. Witches across England gathered and spent the evening, sending out energies to stop this. Some even lost their lives but a fog came up, the ships could not pass through the channel and Britian was saved.
    This said the placebo effect works...50 % of the time...
    Believe and it is real...we can heal the world we only have to believe in our psychic healing energies
    with love



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