Monday, June 28, 2010

Create Your Own Psychic Shield

Psychic Shield

Now that you have discovered your psychic powers, it’s time that you also learn how to protect yourself from negative people, elements, and energies that can drain you, and deplete your positive energy sources. All great teachers have always encouraged using a protective psychic shield in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

What is Psychic Shield?

A psychic shield involves protecting your aura, which is actually the emission of your emotional, physical-etheric, and mental body radiations. Your aura is also a part of the emergence of your expanding and ever growing human soul.

The vibration that you emit will attract like vibrations. Like attracts like! For instance, if you feel sad, you will attract more sadness; if you feel hatred, you will attract more hatred; if you are the envious type, you will attract people who envy you or who have feelings of envy towards you. It’s the law of attraction at work. What you think, feel or believe, you will attract. However, if it’s positive energy like love, goodwill, beauty, kindness, joy, prosperity, or generosity that you send out into the universe, the same things will come back to you a hundredfold.

How Do I Create My Psychic Shield?

Find a quiet place to meditate, then start by placing your feet on the ground, and holding your palms upwards. Then imagine yourself being enveloped by a giant ball of white light. Once inside this ball, imagine yourself being protected from all the negative energies around you. This can be in the form of bitter family members, angry co-workers, untrustworthy friends, etc. Believe that this ball will act as your shield, and from then on you will be protected from all negative things or people surrounding you. Imagine that only love and light can pass through or enter this psychic shield that you have just created around yourself. You can turn this shield on and off as you wish. Many psychics use this technique.

You can make this psychic shield even stronger by taking care of your physical body, as well as your mental faculties through consistent exercise, proper diet, involvement in creative works, engagement in beautiful literature, prayers, forgiveness, doing academic work, and meditation.

Simply put, if you get yourself involved in healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activities, you will further help to strengthen this psychic shield, and it will be easier for you to deflect any negative energies or forces around you. As you make all aspects of your body stronger, your psychic shield becomes stronger too.

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