Monday, December 27, 2010

Three of Cups: What My Spirit Guides are Telling Me

Even before I went crazy and psychotic yesterday, my spirit guides already knew the solution to my deep-seated problem. Aside from forgiving what happened to me in the past, the tarot card I drew was telling me that it's about time that I go out, be with friends and celebrate! This is actually something I've always dreaded during the Yuletide season and I guess now is the best time to just get it over with and for once have genuine fun celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

In Tarot readings, the Three of Cups symbolizes friendships, sense of community, support from social networks and the interactions we have with other people. Honestly, these are things that I've been trying to avoid as much as I can during Christmas. And now is the time to get over my psychosis and do what the tarot card says --- go out, have fun with friends and be merry. ^_^

Furthermore, because I drew the card in a present-future layout, the Three of Cups means that I am in the company of good people, and that my current stress will dissipate when I spend time with my close friends. It's really very timely since one of my best friends is home from the US and I would very much love to spend time with her together with our other girl friends. The Tarot Bible also says that when the Three of Cups is dealt into the future position, it means that good times are coming my way. As long as I can get past some of my trust issues, there will be people who will truly warm up to me and include me in their way of life. Sounds good enough for me. I should give this a try. ^_^

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