Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Cups in My Daily Tarot Reading

Unbeknownst to many, an overwhelming sense of sadness, disappointment and depression came over me last Monday and Tuesday. I won't describe the details anymore. Suffice it to say that I had bloodshot eyes and couldn't breathe properly during those 2 dramatic days and the negativity was brought about by resurfacing issues from my past. Thank God for my very patient and understanding hubby I was able to survive it. But really, I've had it! It was time to move on and I don't wanna be imprisoned by them anymore.

So I exercised, I ate right, I stopped myself from smoking (I'm on my 6th cigarette-free day now), I read my Happiness book, I watched Friends reruns and laughed my heart out until the laughter felt genuine and real. Wednesday night came and while Peter and I were hanging out at our lanai, a neighbor of ours dropped by, we had a chat, and I felt genuinely happy for his visit. Then I remembered the card I picked out that afternoon when I did my tarot reading: Eight of Cups

It was only until after I reflected on its meaning that I realized how apt the card was with my current situation.

Eight of Cups signifies a realization that the past is gone; what was true before is no longer applicable; it is time to move on and I have to work up to that final step.

I think the final step to end the ugly part of my past is to accept that it did happen and that I don't have to be imprisoned by it anymore.

Eight of Cups is telling me to change my old patterns of behavior, especially those that have negatively dominated my thoughts and emotions. On this card, we see a man leaving on a journey. Since CUPS symbolize feelings, the man on the card is leaving old feelings behind in order to make a new path for himself. I should do the same. Moving on can mean physical change for some, like relocating or changing jobs, but for me, it means emotional change.

And guess what happened after I decided to be happy once again? I got a text that ABS-CBN's Bandila will do a feature on me and my VA job, I got another text about a biz proposal, and another text about this training job that I wanted to pursue since last year. I think they're definitely signs that my emotions are on the right track. After all, according to THE SECRET (Law of Attraction), when you are feeling happy/aligned with the universe, great things will start happening. The greatness of the universe will just swoop in.

Then this afternoon, when I did my daily tarot reading, I drew Ten of Cups. This card symbolizes true joy that is beyond happiness, contentment and enjoyment. It is that kind of feeling when we know at the deepest level that we are one with all that is, and it is good. And this feeling is now within me. How true! After those two tumultuous days and deciding to be happy again, I am feeling a deep kind of joy that I can't describe. It's a feeling of peace I am now feeling and it's just so good. My tarot card pick, once again, reflected it right!

"When you see the Ten of Cups, know that an end to hostility is possible. If there is fighting around you, it may cease. If you are at war with yourself, you may find peace", which is what happened just yesterday when I found my peace.

Ten of Cups also signifies abundant blessings up ahead. And guess what? In the middle of my reading this afternoon, I wasn't at all surprised when a friend of mine texted saying that their team will be needing my services more this year. Oh wow! Abundance it is! And I am just so grateful.

Lastly, this card also says that I should look for ways to realize my joy and create peace in every little thing I do, which is why I have my projects blog. So be it. ^_^


  1. That's amazing! I'm glad all worked out for you. When will the Bandila episode show? record mo ha! upload the vid again. I'll watch out for it. Kudos, Jen!

  2. Thanks so much Mer, for always believing in me. You're my star!

    About Bandila, I dunno yet. But I will update you. They promised to give me a copy of the vid so I can upload it in youtube in case I miss it. :-)

  3. Thanks a lot for your talent and guidance. I will certainly consult with tarot card reading in the future if I need guidance.



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