Monday, February 27, 2012

I Dreamt of John Lloyd Cruz

This is so bizarre... It's been a really long time since I last remember dreaming of something, or someone, or if I dreamt of anything at all. Then I woke up, went about my day and it just suddenly hit me... I dreamt of John Lloyd Cruz! Where did that come from? I'm not  a fan. Although I do like his movies in the past. But I haven't watched any of the latest ones. And I definitely haven't been thinking of him. If there's any celebrity that I mentioned to my hubby in passing the last week, it was Zac Efron. Oh, I've also been thinking about Joe Jonas. And I watched Justin Bieber's Never Again movie on DVD. But not John Lloyd Cruz. Why him?

In my dream, he was a celebrity and I was a blogger, juts like in real life. For some reason, John Lloyd Cruz was at my house and we went out together as if we were friends. I was bringing a video camera with me. Then all of a sudden, he took off his shirt, happily grabbed my camera and started taking videos and photos of us while walking together out in the street. I was happy of course knowing that the people around will probably be envious of my position. 

Then I woke up. I didn't remember it for a little while until I went to the kitchen and it all just came rushing back. 

So what does this mean?

I checked with and this was the meaning that caught my attention:

To dream that you are good friends with a celebrity represents your idealized version of someone you know in your life. Perhaps you hope that a real-life friend can act more like a particular celebrity. Consider the qualities that you see in this celebrity and how you want your friends to have those qualities.�Alternatively, the dream may be trying to compensate for your own lack of self-confidence. You want to escape from your own reality and live the high life. You want to fit in. See also Actor / Actress.
Hmmm... I've been racking my brain and I honestly can't think of anyone who I want to act like a celebrity. Peter maybe? Haha! But I don't think so. Maybe I should dig in deeper if I want to know the meaning of this dream. About lacking self-confidence, maybe. I mean who doesn't feel this at some point in their life? Although right now, I feel pretty good about myself and where I am in life. About escaping from my own reality, well, I do crave that sometimes. Like I just want to do some sort of a "Big Year" just like the movie "Big Year" starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin where I'll take a year off and do whatever it is that I feel passionate about. Travel perhaps. But I don't want to do it just to fit in. It has never been my desire to fit it. I've always wanted to be my own person whoever that is.

Okay, this dream's meaning is really eluding me. That, or I'm just in denial. Haha! 


  1. Hello there!
    Just wanted to Thank for the tip about the site who can help out with Dream interpretation. I have to many dreams that are hard to understand :) But now it's a little bit easier :)
    Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Great posting mate!
    For me, dream is the beginning to get what we want!



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