Thursday, March 8, 2012

Full Moon Toad Spell - For Bad Boyfriends and Husbands

I don't normally share bad spells, but I guess if your significant other has hurt you so bad and you have every reason to want to hurt him, don't do it physically (coz you might just get in trouble). Instead, use this toad spell to get back at him. That way, others (especially other women) will find him repellent as well and he'll be miserable for a long period of time. Sounds good enough for you? Well, then read on...

The toad spell is best done at midnight on a full moon (liketonight!), or you can wait another month to do this if you're not sure yet.

Here are the ingredients you will use for this spell:
  • a piece of his clothing (like his old shirt)
  • a big handful of sandy dirt
  • a picture or drawing of him (he should already be your ex-boyfriend at this point)
  • a darning needle
  • a piece of black thread
  • some green paint or green felt-tip pen.

Gather all your ingredients and find a safe place where you won't be disturbed. Lay the clothing material on a flat surface. Put the dirt on top as you imagine your ex.Gather up the sides of the clothing and sew the material into a sack shape. Take the green paint or pen and on the outside of the bag, draw the ugliest toad you can make. Leave it under the moonlight for the whole night. In the morning, throw the whole thing into a garbage bin.

Do this spell if you're really sure you want your ex to look repellent to other women.  For other full moon spells, go here: FULL MOON SPELLS

This spell is from the book, "How to Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad" by Athena Starwoman and Deborag Gray.


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  2. Hi Tri,

    Sorry I just saw this now. Been traveling a lot the past several months... about the spell, you can use any good luck spell but it may be too late since I saw this just now. I hope you won. :)



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