Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Spell - How To Be A Rich Witch

On the eve of the new moon, I cast one of the spells I've been dying to do since I started reading this cute book of spells given to me as a gift by Marichit (Peachie's Ate)... No, not the mean ones (for now, that is, hehe). So I gathered all the ingredients together (nutmeg, cinnamon, bowl, old purse, spoon), followed the instructions to the letter and chanted the following verse: "Attraction powder let it be, send me all the luck I need." Let's see if I'll be able to have the amount of money I imagined in my bank account...


  1. Hiya. I'm curious about the spell you did. So how did the spell work out for you?

  2. Hi,

    You wouldn't believe it. I was imagining like Php500,000 in my bank account. The next month, I retired from work due to emotional reasons and few months down the line, I got my retirement pay which was more than double than that. :-)



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