Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tarot Card Reading - Hanged Man

I have been feeling so bad the last few days and I can't shake off the feeling. I don't wanna elaborate anymore coz I might just torment myself even more. Just so I can sleep well tonight, I consulted my tarot cards. And after shuffling a couple of times, I picked this card out of the whole pack: THE HANGED MAN.

According to my Tarot Bible, this card is one of the most mysterious of the bunch. It means that I am at a crossroads right now and I may have to stand back and look carefully at all the issues involved (I finally got an "unofficial" word that I will be transfered to another department and my intuition tells me that most probably I'd be promoted to a higher position, not that I am really looking forward to it but maybe it's just my mood plus I'm not feeling so well); I should be able to get out of a rut which I really am in, emotionally speaking; I am in a limbo about what I want to do next (huh! this thing is indeed psychic!). The complexity of THE HANGED MAN invites me to do exactly the opposite of what I think is right to do (gosh, I've totally done something to this effect! On another note related to my career, I think the right thing to do would be to quit and do something that I am passionate about. That is the right thing to do, for the sake of my happiness and peace of mind. But of course, like the card says, I will do the exact opposite, which is to stay and hope for the best.)

Finally, this card is telling me to let go of emotional baggage (gosh! I've tons! ) so I can be released from any pain or emotional hurt (ok, I'll try) because I am opening myself to living for the moment, not for the past. Well, let's see if I can try to do what it says. There's no harm in trying anyway. For now, dream land awaits me... Good night.

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