Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Create Your Own Destiny

I've mentioned that we went to La Union last weekend for some surfing adventure. It was our first time to go there at this time of the year --- amihan. Usually, we go there every summer and during the rainy season like May - October when they say that the waves are at its strongest. But because of MDP (Management Development Program that I took for 6 months) and the numerous other trips and activities we had, the surfing schedule was pushed back several times. Finally, when it happened, Peter and I almost died. To make a long story short (I'll just give a more detailed account when I do my travelogue for this particular trip), the undercurrent was too strong that it brought me deeper into the waters and farther from the shore in just a short period of time. I cried "help!" several times as waves kept crashing onto me one after another that I was already losing my breath.

Peter saw me, rushed into the water and was met with the same fate. Fortunately, there were surfing instructors around and were just able to save us in time before I finally lost consciousness. While this was happening, few things were running on my mind:
"It's so easy to just let go and die. It's not even painful, just very frightening coz things like this, I only see in movies"; "Oh God, please let Peter make it....""Breathe Jen, breathe...kaya mo yan! Just breathe..."
When we were already safely ashore, two realizations popped in my head: 1) Life is too short therefore I ought to follow my bliss NOW so I may have no regrets when the time comes. 2) I may struggle at first when I follow my heart but God will always be there to save me.

So you know what I did the moment I stepped in my office last Monday? I filed for resignation effective January 31 and decided to finally take the rest I've been dreaming for 5 years now (1 year of doing anything, everything and nothing... bumming and pursuing my various passions in life). This wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the few extraordinary people who helped motivate me along the way like Dr. Karen dela Cruz who thinks that I am too good for my current employer/company (thanks for the vote of confidence Doc K!), Peter and Popsy who are always supportive of my decisions. And of course, there's my new all-time favorite book/dvd THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne who greatly influenced my present outlook in life.

Speaking of THE SECRET, let me share with you the miracles that we've been experiencing as of late. It says in the book that there are three steps we must do in order to get what we want in life --- ask, believe that the universe has already answered what you asked for and receive or pretend to have received it already by feeling happy, good and grateful. So lately, that's what we've been doing.

CASE # 1: Peter and I have been thinking of getting a dog. We saw my sister's shih-tzu and I fell in love with it. But the moment I realized how expensive it is (P15k), I began to hesitate. I just know I want a dog and we will have one the moment we get hold of some extra cash. On the other hand, Peter has been dreaming of having a basset hound for so long. He prefers it over a shih-tzu because it's more behaved and it doesn't have much fur which can cause his rhinitis and asthma to act up. He just knew that this is what he wanted and that he will get it soon. Then last Sunday, out of the blue, our friend Rea offered to give us one of their dogs. And guess what dog it is? A basset hound! We weren't even asking for it coz we didn't know she has one! Would you believe?!!! The Secret says that we should not worry about the hows of the universe coz when you're ready to get what you want, the universe will rearrange itself in order to deliver to you what you asked for. And we are ready to have a dog. We'll be getting it this weekend. It's soooo amazing!
Case # 2: Not entirely to test the law of attraction, I was really wanting to get free food today coz I was so hungry and I want to save a little of my allowance. I thought it already worked when I got chocolates from my officemates. Then when we were ordering lunch, one of our officemates announced that he'll be shouldering the expenses of our food in celebration of his birthday. Another WOW!

Case # 3: Even before I read The Secret, I was already doing some spells based on my other book, How to Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad and Other Spells by Athena Starwoman and Deborah Gray. I made a money attraction powder. It asked me to visualize a certain amount which I want to see in my bank account. It should be realistic at least and to not be so greedy. For some reason, a certain amount kept popping in my head so that's what I focused on. Guess what? I found out this morning that it will be the net amount of my separation pay after I am resigned. I never guessed that coz I have made so many loans in the office. Not only will I be able to pay for my loans, I'll even have the amount I dreamed of to start a business of my own. Golly!!!
So now, I am focusing on the things I want to pursue once I am finally resigned. The law of attraction is so simple, yet so very amazing. Now I am ready to attract bigger and grander things. So can you. We are after all, the co-creators of God for we are created in His image and likeness. Therefore, we can create our own destinies for we are one with God/the universe/or whatever you call that higher power that transcends all of us. Enjoy making miracles, folks! And tell us all about it.

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