Friday, May 28, 2010

Discover Your Psychic Potential Via Intuition

Do you know that each one of us has the potential to become psychic? Yes, all of us possess this kind of psychic capability in one way or another. And when you become open to this possibility, you will alter the way you view your life, not just in the way you see the little things, but most importantly, how you see the big picture.

By having this potential in you, you can awaken its power and see your life transform before your very eyes. By learning to unlock it, you will overcome your fears, boost your self-confidence, attract the things and people you need at the moment you need them, manifest all your desires, and even become your own psychic. However, discovering your psychic potential is not a quick fix to all your problems. It takes time and effort to develop this latent ability in you. And once you do, I assure you that your life will never be the same.

The Power Of Your Intuition

One of our greatest weapons as human beings is our intuition, our basic instincts. But it is usually the least relied upon, especially in times of danger or crisis. People have mostly depended on logic and facts, which can indeed be helpful (don’t get me wrong), but at times, have also contributed to our detriment.

This is because we refer to our intuition as merely “lucky guesses”, unaware that we actually have this amazing ability right at our fingertips. We can accomplish so much more in our lifetime, if we know when and how to use it.

How Intuition Works

In order for you to make sense of intuition, and how and why it works, think of it as a kind of advanced instrument for pattern recognition. You see, there are always links between your current situation and past experiences. Your subconscious is always aware of the patterns that are formed between these two, and finds these links. Your conscious mind will not be able to recall all of the details of your new and past experiences, but your subconscious mind will. It can quickly calculate and predict what is supposed to happen next, or what should be done next, by linking your new experiences with the patterns of past events in your life. This subconscious calculation becomes your inner voice, which is expressed as gut feelings, or hunches.

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