Saturday, May 22, 2010

Your Dreams Are Psychic Doorways

When we wake up each morning, we usually forget the dreams we had the night before. Then in an instant, we suddenly see an image in our mind that reminds us of something, and before we know it, we remember the dream we just had, as if we were looking at a movie.

Dreams are windows to realities beyond the usual and ordinary. There are people who dream of stuff that guides them about the smallest details of their daily life, while there are others who have dreams that give them profound spiritual insights.

For example, a woman from the Midwest found such love in her dreams, after her mother died. In a series of dreams, she met with her mother. As they visited together, the daughter was filled with the love they have for each other. These dreams helped the woman deal with her sorrow.

You can look at your dreams from a spiritual perspective. Working with your dreams from this viewpoint can help you handle daily challenges, and learn from them. The understanding you gain can bring you more patience, compassion, and love. Dreams can also give you the courage to recognize and pursue your divine purpose in life.

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