Monday, May 17, 2010

Dream Interpretation - Seeing Spirits

Do you remember watching that scary Halloween flick entitled "The Eye" where this girl saw a multitude of spirits floating along the highway which meant that a massive accident was about to happen and a lot of people were going to die? Have you ever had that kind of dream? I had that kind of dream today and I was so scared that it woke me up. If you encountered this scenario before during your sleep, Dream Moods has some interpretation I'd like to share with you.

According to Dream Moods, when you see spirits in your dream, it means that you are expressing fears about death. But who isn't? I'm sure all of us are scared of death, no matter how bad our life can sometimes get. Anyway, according to this particular dream interpretation, anybody who dreams of spirits have to pay attention to his/her Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels as they can provide answers to current concerns whatever they may be.

This dream could also be a pun on uplifted spirit and cheerfulness about another matter.

Hmmm. I can relate more to the last 2 interpretations. I should continue with my meditation sessions and talk to my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels some more. I've been so busy ever since I got back from my Caramoan trip last April 21 that I seldom pause and take a moment to reflect about the way I'm living my life. On the other hand, I am also feeling happy about the fact that my brother recently resurrected my dead PC and external drive. So maybe that's what's the pun all about.

How about you?

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