Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fortune Telling at Mines View Park Hotel

I was one of the privileged bloggers who got to visit Mines View Park Hotel in Baguio last Sept. 23-24. One activity in the itinerary that I was really excited about was Fortune Telling. I really imagined a fat lady a la Madam Auring conducting a class to newbies and Wiccan practitioners like myself, with all her magical paraphernalia and stuff. Unfortunately, that wasn't what happened. I guess in real life, fortune tellers are just like ordinary people like you and me. They just happen to be gifted with foresight and the ability to read signs from the beyond.

For this particular fortune telling experience, our fortune teller was this goateed guy, probably in his late forties, who was sitting at the hotel lobby with a bottle of oil. Turns out, he tells the future by reading palms. I used to study palm reading before but since I only get to practice it every Halloween season, I would need to brush up on my skills once again. For those who are not aware, fortune telling is not an exact science. If you're familiar with Professor Treelawney, a character at the famous Harry Potter series, divination or fortune telling can be tricky, to the point that people are usually skeptical about it. Just like Professor Treelawney, our fortune teller that night seemed, to me, unfit to tell the future. He sounded unsure and asked a lot of questions. But then I remembered, fortune tellers are not Gods. They do need to ask a bit of info from the person they are reading so they can properly interpret what they see, in this instance, what they see on the lines of my palm.

Basically, these are the things he told me: quit my VA job and pursue business instead - I was actually thinking of quitting my other part-time VA job so I can devote more time to my 69 Beads Shop, The Sexy Nomad Apparel, and my old spa business.

... that I'll have kids in the future, probably even three! - Ack! Really???? Doesn't he know that babies make me sick???!

... that I do get to have a lot of money, but I also spend quite a lot as well - Well, who wouldn't in my case? We have a ten year house mortgage, 5-year car mortgage, credit card bills and insurances to pay for every month, not including our other utility bills and miscellaneous expenses. Bah!

...that I should stop drinking too much! - But I only get drunk whenever I watch Brownman Revival most Thursdays. Huhu.

He told me these things over and over hoping that they get ingrained to my brain. Hmmm.. Let's see how all of these will pan out in the future.


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