Thursday, October 7, 2010

Faithful Lover Spell

I have been receiving numerous requests since last year about performing certain spells on getting back or taking revenge against an unfaithful lover. While I do not condone any negative spells (because I believe in karma and what I put out there will come back to me ten... even a hundredfold), I will share with you here a spell I learned from two witches, Deborah Gray and Athena Starwoman --- a spell on how to keep your lover faithful to you.

The ingredients you will need for this spell to work are the following:
  • two pink candles
  • a bowl of spring or distilled water
  • a seashell

The best time to cast this enchantment is on a Friday at either 12 noon or 12 midnight. Take a relaxing shower and dry yourself thoroughly. Don't dress up just yet. Go to your bedroom naked and put all the ingredients on a flat surface, like a table for example and let this be your Love Altar. Seat yourself facing your "Love Altar". Place the candles 30 cms. or 12 inches apart and put the bowl of water and seashell between them. Light the candles and then put the seashell into the water. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts. Then pick up the bowl and say these words:

"Oceana, Goddess of the seven seas,
Keep my lover faithful to me - only me."

Put the bowl back on the table and dab a little Magic water behind your ears and on your pulse points. Sprinkle some of the water around the bed you share with your lover. You could also offer to wash some of his clothes, and then put a few drops of the Magic water in with the wash.

If you plan to be away from your lover at any time, make sure you throw a drop or two of the Magic water around the front and the back door of his and your home.

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