Friday, October 22, 2010

Marry Me Spell, a Full Moon Spell

Is marriage on your mind? Whether you have a new romantic partner, or an old romance that you would like to bring somewhere more stable, or even if you're still single but you're not losing hope about finding THE ONE for you, this Marry Me Spell would be good for you, especially when done on a night of the full moon, like tonight.

The ingredients you will need are:

sandalwood incense

tow pink candles
a cup pf sand
an ochre or brown coloured lipstick
a piece of string about 2 to 2.5 metres (about 6 1/2 to 8 feet), long wound into a ball

Follow this procedure:

Bring all the items into the bathroom and take a relaxing bath or shower. Then dry yourself thoroughly. Stay naked and light the incense and candles. Sprinkle a handful of sand onto a table of flat surface then draw a stick figure on the sand while you are thinking of your loved one. Smear the lipstick on your forehead by drawing a circle shape and hold the ball of string. Hold the ball of string in the air, over the sprinkled sand, and then slowly unravel the string while you repeat this chant:

"Long string, make him/her love me.
Long string, make him/her need me.
Long string, make him/her marry me."

Unravel the ball of string completely, until you have one long piece of string. Tie one one loosely around your waist. Dangle the other end of the string over the picture you drew in the sand, and concentrate on imagining your lover being drawn towards you, almost as if you were pulling him over to you with the string, and repeat the chant again.

When you have done this, roll up the string back into a ball and keep it in a safe and private place for as long as you need.

This spell is from two of my most favorite witches, Deborah Gray and Athena Starwoman. Try it!


  1. What magic do you have for married folks! Thanks

  2. I have some love spells here which you can use:

    Love and light!



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