Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seven of Pentacles

Each day, I set aside a few minutes of my time meditating and doing my daily tarot reading. Most of the time, it happens after I clean the house coz that's when I feel most at ease with my surroundings and my inner self.

For the past two weeks, I' have been in emotional turmoil (I won't anymore disclose the source of my misery) and I turn to God, my tarot cards, my spirit guides and guardian angels for help and guidance. They always tell me positive and great things like no matter what I do I would always be successful. I rarely get cards that tell me otherwise and that have been a source of constant relief.

Anyway, lately, aside from this emotional turmoil whose source shall not be named, I have also been feeling so burnt out with work. I am grateful for my VA job, my boss, my colleagues coz this has been the most flexible VA job I've ever had and it does pay off, even emotionally, but because I do a million other things (like play maid around the house, play PR blogger when I go to events [
Like recently I went to the SM Bloggers Tour, Focaccia Food Tasting event and then tried Enchanted Kingdom's new EKstreme Tower Ride.], play housewife to my hubby Peter, play entrepreneur with my small beads and apparel biz, play breadwinner when my family needs financial help, play friend when my friends are in need, etc.), I know that I have been spreading myself too thin yet again. Hence, over fatigue and feeling burnt out come into play. For once, I am telling myself to choose what I really want to do, if not one thing, then perhaps just three things that I will focus on more.

If you've read my projects blog, there are so many things there that I set out to do this year. Only 2 more months to go before 2010 ends and I haven't even begun with half of the things on my list. It's mostly been about my VA work, about earning more money, paying our mortgages on time, work and more work. If money is not an issue, I would rather build my own biz, blog more, travel and write a book. Okay, so there are four things that I would really love to do.

Just recently, a blessing came which could help me do just that. But of course, like any regular person who has mortgages to think of, I have my fears and doubts. So I consulted with my tarot cards and I got the Seven of Pentacles.

Read the meaning of this card on this site.
Now, isn't this so timely with my current situation and needs? I literally had goosebumps while pondering on the meaning of my drawn tarot card and I realized that...

> After ten years of doing my insurance contributions, I did get what I paid for and more.

> I do hope there's more reward coming my way.

> I am indeed assessing my whole situation right now.

> Shucks, I so want to change the course of my career.

> No wonder I have been feeling like I just want to stop what I'm doing, assess my situation and where this is all going, and try to come up with better strategies on how I'm going to reach my next goal.

I am so thankful to my tarot cards and spirit guides. Hopefully, I get to make a sound decision soon.

* Like recently I went to Focaccia Food Tasting event and then tried Enchanted Kingdom's new EKstreme Tower Ride.

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