Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daily Tarot Reading - Justice

I consider my daily tarot card reading an important food for my soul. It is how I communicate with my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels and so far, they have always been very helpful. I trust in the power of the proper use of Tarot cards that not a day goes by without me communing with the higher power.

Today, I got particularly excited with the card that I've drawn --- JUSTICE. It is a major arcana card, therefore, this one speaks of a major issue that I am having right now and not just the little things in my life that need attending to.

When JUSTICE is drawn from a deck, it means fairness, equality, harmony, cause & effect. It urges one to take responsibility for his/her choices, to weigh all options before making a decision about something important, to accept the truth.
The moment I realized these things, I immediately offered a prayer of heartfelt gratitude to God and all my Spirit Guides and Angels. I deeply felt that they were talking to me, the way they do every single day when I do my meditation.

See, I have been putting off this one decision that I should make. It involves my career as a virtual assistant. I am quite happy with my job right now because it allows me the flexibility to work on my own time, thus, providing me with the opportunity to do some businesses on the side or take care of some personal projects. Then I got another job offer from another employer a few weeks ago. I was still in the process of weighing all my options when I got a call from the same employer this morning reminding me to check my email because they really are interested in hiring me.

After that call, I went about my morning rituals while also trying to figure out if I need or want this job. And that was when I drew this card. Somehow, my Spirit Guides are telling me not to make a hasty decision like I kept doing before. I should look at all aspects and see if I really want this. The card of JUSTICE is telling me to take a very rational view of the situation or issue at stake. And with everything that I have learned from my self-help education, I should keep doing the things that make me truly happy and discard those that do not contribute to my personal and spiritual development.

Thank you again dear Spirit Guides. At least now, I feel more enlightened. I feel confident that whatever decision I make, it will be a wise one and I won't have regrets.


  1. Hi all,

    Tarot card is something that an individual can undertake on their very own and it is not necessary to have an ancient deck in order to get the most from these cards. The power of tarot cards lies in a person's ability to understand and interpret the messages being relayed rather than in the age of the cards themselves. Thanks a lot...

  2. Yup, you're right! Thanks for the insight.:)



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