Thursday, August 26, 2010

Different Ways of Psychic Healing

There are three primary ways in which psychic healing can be done:

1. Healing Oneself – This is the first psychic healing ability that you can learn and practice. It doesn’t matter if you are healthy now. Our lives are constantly changing. Depending on the things we do every day, and the choices we make, we can always fall into the trap of unhealthy and unbalanced living. The process of psychic healing will ensure you that you remain healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

2. Helping Others Heal Themselves – This process of helping others heal themselves is very beneficial for the psychic. This is why I am sharing what I know on this blog so I may be able to help you and many others discover your abilities that can help you heal yourselves and live better lives. You can do the same. As a baby Wiccan, you observe things that you don’t normally notice. Then you share these observations to those in need which can help prevent ailments and provide actual healing.

3. Directly Healing Others – This process is actually quite exhausting for any Wiccan or psychic. Nevertheless, all psychic healers do it when really needed. It is very beneficial to the one who is being healed (but may be potentially dangerous for the psychic since it depletes his or her energies).

For now, practice healing yourself first. You will be amazed at how happy you will start to feel and from there you will attract a lot of great things. Once your cup is filled, then you may start healing others too, slowly but surely. ^_^

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