Saturday, August 21, 2010

Healthy Family Spell

I am quite excited to do the groceries this weekend. Aside from the usual healthy stuff I buy (like eggs which are #1 on my list coz according to
Reader's Digest, eggs can prevent breast cancer if eaten once a day), I am also purchasing a couple of ingredients for all the spells that I will be doing this week, one of which is the Healthy Family Spell which I learned from Athena Starwood and Deborah Gray in their book of spells.

You might be interested in doing this spell too. The ingredients we would need are the following:

  • wooden spoon
  • china bowl
  • some mint
  • a clove
  • some grated lemon peel
  • a bay leaf
  • some rosehips
  • a cotton or muslin handkerchief
  • a red ribbon

The best time to cast this spell is on a Sunday. Here's how:


Mix all the ingredients together (except the handkerchief and ribbon) in a china bowl using he wooden spoon. While mixing, chant the following:

" I conjure thee to be a protection, I invoke the Magic of old, To keep my family healthy and well -- So mote it be."

Put all the ingredients in the handkerchief and tie all the corners together with the red ribbon. Hang this healing pouch somewhere in your room.

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