Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Tarot Card Reading That Gave Me The Creeps

I've been doing my daily tarot card reading for quite a while now. It helps me center and focus my energies on the tasks I need to get done every single day. My daily tarot card reading is especially helpful when I feel burnt out, or over fatigued, or emotionally drained. Because it involves meditation and communing with my God, my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, the readings act as their way of communicating with me the things I need to learn, or know, or realize for that particular day. It is similar to how I do it when people ask me to do a reading for them. Depending on their situation, I choose an appropriate spread and let the Tarot cards convey to me their messages.

Last week, for two consecutive days, I got the same card for my daily reading - The Tower. This is the very first time this happened to me. I've never drawn the same card two days in a row before. What are the chances???! Could this mean that the message this card is telling me is a lot graver than it normally would? Possibly.

Generally speaking, this card is all about external disruption, change in fortune, unexpected events and revelation. Honestly, I got a bit scared the first time I saw it. Terrified when I saw it again come out in my reading the very next day.
The more I tried to understand it though, the more I realize that the changes the card is conveying can be liberating, meaning, it can free me from restrictions and self-imposed chains. Whatever external change that's coming my way can act as a catalyst to break me free from the self-imposed structure that I have built upon myself. These structures that I have built around me, in my mind and in my heart, need to be thrown out in order to declutter my emotions and other feelings that no longer serve my purpose.

The lightning strike you see on the tower is saying that something needs to change. There will be an external catalyst which will come into my life to instigate these changes. It can be a person or a situation which I won't be able to control. It may feel liberating or uncomfortable but the most important thing to note here is that I will have the necessary strength to adapt and move on. I should therefore welcome these new challenges rather than avoid them. If it's giving me a clue about my change in fortune, I am hoping it's going to be for the better. I am already seeing little changes in our fortune and I hope it will go all the way.

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