Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Excited for Halloween: Bought Dark Angel Wings and Friday the 13th Mask

I was at National Bookstore last weekend with my hubby. I was just supposed to look at some books coz I was feeling a bit sad. Maybe I was burnt out from work and I was experiencing some personal issues again. It's a good thing that Peter is always around whenever I need him. And that particular moment, without having any agenda, I just wanted to drop by National Bookstore.

Then lo and behold, after entering the store, Halloween decors and costumes greeted me as if knowing my plight. You see, for some weird reason, Halloween makes me happy... more happy than Christmas or summer actually. Maybe I was just emotional that day, but I got teary eyed with glee the moment I saw those freaky little masks and witchy fabulous costumes.

I immediately trotted to the display area and scrutinized everything. Peter was looking at some masks too and I was trying on some Elvira dresses and hats. Peter wanted to buy the bloody baby dolls. I told him to get one if he really wanted to. As for me, I ended up buying a pair of dark angel's wings instead that comes with a mask while Peter got a mask of Jason from Friday the 13th.

They're now safely kept with the rest of our Halloween decors and ornaments. I can't wait for Halloween season to be here!

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