Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Despite the fact that I had so much work to do last weekend (I got 30 hours of backlog work to finish, plus house chores and errands), I still managed to celebrate my favorite time of the year --- Halloween! Good thing that the house was all ready for some freaky action.

I just love seeing gory costumes, trick or treating, listening to eerie sounds and scary music, watching thriller movies and other Halloweeny flicks, and donning Halloween getups that I ended up doing a few costume changes last Saturday evening --- my usual Elvira/vampire look, the sexy fallen angel with horns, and the one with the mask. It didn't matter that I was on my own, I just had to celebrate Halloween my own way.

Peter was doing the groceries then and our tenant (Princess) was in her bedroom. When Princess went looking for me, she found me in our bedroom putting some black makeup on. I didn't know she loves Halloween too, so together, we partied the night away.

I had 2 boxes of Greenwich pizza delivered, made some cocktails, lighted all my red light bulbs and candles and voila --- instant party at home. We started watching bloody flicks (the live feed kind) and did a movie marathon of my all-time favorite Harry Potter, munched on Greenwich pizza, chips and chocolates, and downed lotsa vodka cocktails.

Peter joined us as soon as he got got home. My Saturday, or shall I say, my Sunday morning ended with me on the couch, still wearing my costume, fast asleep, as Castle reruns play on DVD. Yay! Happy Halloween! ^_^

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