Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dream Interpretation: Class Performance

It's been a while since I last recorded my dreams. It's very typical of me to just forget about them after I wake up. However, these last couple of days, my dreams have had a common theme: I was always with my old elementary classmates and we were always on the verge of performing something for the class. But this artistic performance has never materialized. Just before we were about to go on stage, I always ended up waking up.

According to dream moods, seeing old classmates in dreams could represent a lesson that I learned in the past which is applicable in some aspects of my waking life right now. Furthermore, according to my book, Language of Dreams, the art represents not just the dreamer's personal creativity, but it also serves as a link to higher levels of consciousness. In this particular instance, giving artistic performances could be emphasizing my own unrealized potential.

The way I see it, all these meanings are right. I have been thinking about focusing more on my other abilities, my "unrealized potential" so to speak. You see, I've been wanting to pursue, on a more regular basis, some creative and artistic projects of mine. I have already learned about these things in the past with the goal of turning them into small businesses. I guess my subconscious is just telling me that right now is the most appropriate time to do these things when I still have all the resources at hand. I've been wanting to do this all along but 24 hours a day just never seem to be enough for me to do everything I want. I guess something has to give and I have to prioritize better. Thanks to my dream for giving me this push. It just affirms my belief that we already have everything that we need. We just have to discern the signs that life throws at us even those that we are not conscious of.

True enough, the moment I realized and accepted the meaning of these dreams, another sign got thrown my way. A friend from abroad suddenly contacted me in the hopes of making me her supplier for these creative products I'm doing. I guess when you say yes to life, life says yes back at you.

Looking forward to remembering and recording more of my dreams and its meanings. ^_^ For those of you looking for answers to some of your concerns, perhaps you can try looking deeper into your dreams. There are a lot of resources online to help you with this. You can also refer to several dream interpretation blog posts I've done before. Happy dreaming!

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