Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Elenin, the Bringer of Destruction?

I have been meaning to update my Wiccan blog. A lot of things have been happening lately that I wanted to share but they just didn't seem important enough until I read about Elenin. I've been fascinated about astronomy since I was a kid so I knew I just had to find out more about it.

When I googled about it, almost 2 million searches popped. Woah! This must really be serious!

Anyway, so far, from what I've read, Elenin was first purported to be a comet and it fascinated certain astronomers that every time it got near our sun and our planet, huge earthquakes hit certain parts of the globe, the most recent of which was the magnitude 9 earthquake that hit Japan just this March 2011. This "comet" was discovered by a Russian named Leonid Elenin. But the mysterious thing about it is that when astronomers would look for the comet today, they couldn't seem to find it. Could it really be a comet? And if it is, how come it has that kind of power to bring such destruction to mother earth?

I am no scientist but the article I read about Elenin pointed out that this celestial body could perhaps be a brown dwarf star because it is stars like this that can give off such gravitational pull and cause devastation to a nearby planet. It's something to really ponder on. With the way our planet is revolving around the sun, what happened in March may not be the last. Let's all pray that this is just all circumspection but at the same time, let's be prepared. The only problem is, I still don't know how to prepare for it other than educating myself about it. Perhaps, you should too.

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