Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Power of Meditation

I know this and I've already blogged a bout it a few times before. However, despite my knowledge about it, there are times when I can't seem to squeeze it in my day. I'd get caught up in my own hectic world only to find out later on that I didn't really accomplish anything meaningful. I'd be thinking that I'll do it soon, that I'll find time to pray and meditate... But hours would turn to days, and days would turn to a week and before I know it, I'd be in a ball of a mess and I'm step away from overfatigue and burnout.

This happened last week. I had so much on my plate that I kept procrastinating. The whole time that I wasn't meditating, I felt so scatter-brained, I haven't really accomplished the things I set out to do and and ended up feeling tired, restless, beaten and quite hopeless. It was a state I've always tried to avoid but that particular week, I failed.

So when I started my Monday, I made sure that I'd set aside some time to meditate. And I'm glad I did. I spent an hour in our zen garden, lighted some tea lights and incense, brought out my tarot cards and other meditation tools. I quieted my mind, prayed to God, my spirit guides and guardian angels and just listened to my inner voice.

That was 15 hours ago. Looking back, I did accomplish a lot. I even got three unexpected blessings and more are coming my way. To think that last week, I was killing myself doing more effort, yet I wasn't getting the results I wanted. Today, when I meditated, I accomplished a lot and received so much reward for something that I didn't even work so hard for. This is another testament to the power of prayer and meditation.

Having said that, I truly promise to make meditation a daily habit, even if it's just for a few minutes. I shouldn't get distracted by the amount of tasks I need to do in a day. I must remember that the more work that needs to get done, the more time I should spend meditating. Past experience and testimonies from other people have proven this endeavor to be effective and I should keep using this as a tool to better myself and my circumstances. Try it for yourself and see how much better your life gets.

Love and light!

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