Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Juggling Act Was Written on the Card

The past two weeks of September have been the most interesting. I have been doing my tarot card readings and meditation regularly and the messages given to me by my spirit guides have been very right on the spot.

Last week, I started juggling a lot of work in order to increase our household income while my husband gets his business off the ground. I barely slept but I was happy and energetic enough to accomplish them all. Meditation gave me the energy, power and focus to achieve my goals, and I believe it helped that the daily cards I drew were really symbolical of what I was going through. All of the cards kept telling me that success is in my hands and that this is the time to be happy and abundant. And out of all those tarot cards telling me a variety of good news, there was one card I couldn't forget which really touched my core. This card further encouraged me to continue this path I took because it resonated with me the most... 2 of PENTACLES.

When work started really piling up, I had my doubts as to whether I can go on this way. I asked my spirit guides for guidance through the daily tarot card reading. Then I drew 2 of PENTACLES from the deck and the moment I saw it, I knew it already symbolizes "balance and flexibility".

Because of this card, I was inspired and encouraged to go on. You know why? Because whenever 2 of PENTACLES is drawn from a deck, it signifies that you are able to juggle everything; you are able to keep your life in balance, and enjoy the process at the same time because you love what you do. I was exactly in that position when I drew this card! It was like a sign directly from the universe saying that I am on the right path.

Look at the meaning of the 2 of Pentacles here:

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being graceful and effective at the same time. On the Two of Pentacles we see a young man dancing as he juggles his worldly concerns. The infinity sign loops around the two pentacles to suggest that he can handle unlimited problems. In the background we see two ships riding the waves easily - cruising the ups and downs of life.

In readings, the Two of Pentacles lets you know that you can juggle all demands made upon you. In fact, you will relish the excitement of every hurdle. If you do not feel this level of confidence right now, this card asks you to believe in yourself. You have all you need to meet your every goal and more. Embrace the challenge.

The Two of Pentacles also reminds you to be flexible. Lancelot could not have navigated the swords walking in a straight line. He had to move freely and lightly in all directions as needed. You too must be supple if you want to prevail. Don't force your way through or you will be cut down. Now is not the time to be rigid. Know that sometimes a side step, or even a back step is the surest way forward.

The Two of Pentacles is also a symbol of fun, laughter and good times. It is definitely a high-energy card. If you are feeling tired or depressed, this card may be a sign that greater vitality will be yours. If you are feeling revved already, the Two of Pentacles could be a warning against overstimulation. Be sure you get the rest you need so that you can enjoy the up energy of this card.

So thank you universe, thank you Spirit Guides, thank you God! May you continue to guide and guard me so that I'll always be on the right path. Amen.

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