Saturday, March 19, 2011

Supermoon Simply Irresistible Spell

Today, March 19, 2011, we'll be having a full moon. But aside from that, the full moon also occurs at the same time as the moon's perigee (the moon's closest point to our planet). Hence, it is termed as SUPERMOON which happens every 18 years. At the moon's perigee, there will only be a distance of 356,575km (221,575 miles) between the Earth and the moon. During the moon's apogee on March 6, the distance between the two was 406,583km (252,639 miles). So you can imagine why the moon will appear 14% bigger tonight! Let's hope the skies will be clear so we can cast a spell perfect for this occasion.

Many people are speculating that this Supermoon is the cause for Japan's quake and tsunami. However, NASA experts and astronomers are debunking these speculative theories. The most that it can do is bring extra low and high tides at certain locations. But it doesn't really pose any threat as devastating as what happened in Japan
(God bless the Japanese race!).

Anyway, since the Supermoon is believed by witches to bring greater power to spells, I chose to share with you a spell about being irresistible. This can work as your lucky charm when you want to date someone, when you want to charm your boss or when you want to be irresistible to a certain person. Or you can do any full moon spells I have already shared in the past. It's up to you. It is my deep hope that this spell will help you out should you need it.

I got this Simply Irresistible Spell from my two favorite witches, Deborah Gray and Athena Starwoman. Be ready to prepare the ingredients and cast the spell tonight.

  • a piece of soft material in pink or white
  • a small seashell (for sexual power)
  • a new key or one that has been washed in salty water
  • a hair from his head or a drawing of him
  • two sewing needles tied together with red cotton
  • some of your best spray perfume
  • a piece of white ribbon

The best time to cast this spell is at midnight on a full moon.

Take all the items except the white ribbon and place them on the piece of soft material. Close your eyes and visualize a beautiful golden light surrounding you, filling you with love and energy. Spray some perfume over all the ingredients. Afterward, gather up the four sides of the cloth . By doing this, you create a small bag. Tie up the end with the ribbon. Whenever you feel the need to charm a particular someone, carry this love charm with you. If it's a special someone you want to keep, put this in a private place in your or his bedroom.

Blessed be!

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