Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nursing Scrubs: Lessons Learned from Color Meanings

As I was studying the meaning of colors and how it can influence our emotions, the actions that we do, how we respond to various people and situations, I thought about the colors of uniform in some of our service-oriented industries. Take for example the color of nursing scrubs nurses use in hospitals and clinics before and how their kind has evolved over time. Before, I used to remember only seeing one color of nursing scrubs and it was white, just like a doctor's medical coat. These days, I have seen blue, pink, green, purple nursing scrubs and this makes my visits to hospitals and clinics a lot better and literally colorful.

Pastel colored nursing uniforms make people relate better to nurses and nurses at the same time feel better and more uplifted with the work that they do despite the numerous life tragedies they see every single day. Pink is the color of love and is a very quiet color. Thus, it helps bring feelings of peace and calm. Orange is a healing color which also fosters enthusiasm and creativity. Blue is the color of inspiration, spirituality and humility. These are just some of the colors used in making nursing scrubs which help bring about happiness in the medical field.

It really helps to wear colorful apparel especially in the medical field. Better if they are form fitting, flattering and comfortable nursing scrubs that nurses can enjoy. Plus, they are very affordable too.

Perhaps, we too can apply the same principle in our own lives --- wear something colorful --- and make our day-to-day living a little bit better.


  1. Color do really influences us. But sometimes we are oblige to wear uniform colors that we sometimes don't like. As you can see color also distinguishes us from others especially in the hospital you normally see white scrubs, green scrubs and blue scrubs and each color belongs to different department.

  2. Your concepts About Colors are really heart toughing:)i really like your post!
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  3. Pipoy, that is so true. Thanks for your insight.

  4. Thanks Nursing Uniform. I'm glad you liked the post. :)

  5. I love colored scrubs, so the idea that colors can effect mood is fascinating. Thanks for sharing!



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