Friday, March 18, 2011

The Ten of Wands are Stopping Me!

I was about to do my morning ritual (workout+ watch old DVD movie + play guitar + play drums + videoke + 1st meal of the day + shower then work) when I almost forgot to do a tarot reading. You see, last week, I let go of a VA job that I've been doing for a long time. I kept one part time VA job since I liked my tasks there and then I just went on investing in small ventures and mostly resting. Then at the start of this week, I got offered another VA job which sounded very exciting. I accepted it and since Tuesday, I was doing these 2 VA jobs. Then today, three more offers came in. Knowing myself, I've really been considering doing everything. If Justin Bieber never says never, well I seldom say no to an opportunity. So I replied to these offers and we're now in the process of negotiating further. Then I slept and after eight blissful hours of sleep, I woke up and did this tarot card reading.

When I read tarot cards for myself, I meditate first. I talk to God, to Mama Mary, to all the saints, to my spirit guides and guardian angels. It's like I'm just conversing with them. I tell them about my day, I thank them for all the magnificent blessings they're continuously showering my way, I ask for forgiveness for all my sins... basically I go into this trance-like state and talk to them. Towards the end of every meditation I do, I ask them to give me any message to help me live a better life each and every day so I may better myself and be a source of inspiration and service to other people. I tell them that through the card I'm about to draw, they can tell me their message.

Then I drew Ten of Wands.

This card is all about overextending, feeling burdened, and struggling. On the card, we can see a man, carrying ten large and heavy wands that he can't even see where he is going. All that exists for him are these wands... these responsibilities and burdens. He may think that he can rest when the weekend comes, when the holidays are here, or when the semester is over. Then the weekend comes and the overload continues. Sounds familiar?

OMG! Right then and there I knew what my spirit guides and guardian angels were telling me. Haven't they been sending me signs and signals since the beginning of this year to change my lifestyle and working habits? Since I'm on the verge of accepting these three other jobs, they're telling me to not go through with it. The card is a sign that I am once again about to push myself too hard! I need to lighten up for the sake of my health and well-being. I should cut back and take only those things that give me pleasure. My two other existing VA jobs do give me pleasure. But these other three things will just be about the money and that is not good.

So to my dear spirit guides and guardian angels, to God and the universe, a big THANK YOU! This time I am listening and taking heed of your guidance. ^_^


  1. Ms Jen, I am constantly in awe of these tarot card reading of yours. Help! I want to learn this!

  2. Fleire, when I started in 2004-05 I just bought a tarot card deck and book. Then I just studied it on my own before I owned another 2 books and another deck. I just kept studying and practicing it together with meditation, spells,palm reading and enchantments. Everything learned I shared in this Wiccan blog of mine. Feel free to read and learn too. :-)



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