Thursday, November 20, 2008

Altar of Baby Wiccan

According to Tony Perez's book of spells entitled KULAM, it is important to find a nice quiet room or place where you will not be disturbed as you do your spells and other prayers. It would be nice if you have a real prayer or study room that you can be alone at. As for me, I chose my study room for it is the least used inside the house and it is where I feel most at peace. On my study table, that's where I made my altar. According to Tony Perez, it doesn't matter where you put your altar. It can be as grand as you want it to be or as simple as spreadinga piece of scarf on an old table or top of a bookshelf or drawer. The important thing is for your altar to contain the following:

Principal - If there is one thing that should remain in your altar, it is this, your Principal. It is your premier figurine, picture or medallion. It is anything that has a major significance in your internal world --- from pictures of saints, of Jesus, of the cross, of an ankh or that of your loved ones. Whatever you deem important inside of you can be your Principal. The Principal has nothing to do with one's religion. It is there to serve as a symbol for opening the door to yourself and reach out to the divine in you. Therefore it is important that this Principal will bring out a different surge of emotions you don't normally feel about other things. As for me, I chose a collage of pictures of my husband, Peter, and myself. We looked so happy and content in those photos and that's the internal world that I am wanting to open.That's the internal state that I consider most important and it is that simple piece of collage that makes me feel extraordinarily happy every time I look at it .

Four Elements - This pertains to the four elements: earth, water, air and fire; the four directions: north, south, east and west; four major phases of the moon:full moon, half quarter, new moon, last quarter; four seasons: summer, winter, spring and fall. But the most important of all are the four elements which symbols should be contained in your altar. As for me, I chose the following:

Earth - a small wooden basket

Air - a simple fan

Water - a small glass

Fire - a white candle

This is how my altar looks right now:

It is where I do most of my prayers and my spells and read about stuff that interests me. On those times that I do tavel and need to do some spells, I can bring my altar with me. That is why it is also important (for me at least) to make it simple and mobile.

Happy altar-making!

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