Friday, November 28, 2008

Spell - How To Attract Money

It's that time of the month when the magical powers are best put t use --- evening of a new moon. What I did earlier tonight was cast a few spells, all involving wealth and happiness. I am going to share with you one that will help you attract success in all your business dealings.

For this particular money spell, you will need the following ingredients:

two white candles

a magnet

a cup of spring or distilled water

Lay all the items on a flat surface and light the candles. Clear your mind of any negative or stressful thoughts and focus on the things you want to achieve for the next year or so. What do you want to have? Where do you see yourself a year or so from now? Do you want to have a brand new house? Do you want to drive that car you've been eyeing for so long? Do you want to travel the world? Whatever it is, make that vision clear in your mind. Pick up the magnet, put it in the cup of distilled water and repeat these words:

"Artemis, Luna magnified by thee, Bring me success --- Oh Blessed Be."

Put out the candles. Take the magnet and cup of water, stand near your front door and sprinkle a few drops of the Magnetised Water on your door handle. Then put the rest of the water in with the next clothes wash. Carry the magnet with you in your wallet at all times.

*Spell is taken from Deborah Gray and Athena Starwoman's book, How to Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend Into a Toad and Other Spells.


  1. effective to? :)

  2. Yes ate. The trick is to believe that the spell will work and then it does... :-)

  3. After two years, I still have that magnet with me. I lost it the last couple of months. Then found it again this June and placed it in my wallet. Since then, my funds have been increasing again. :-)

  4. Hello!

    "Then put the rest of the water in with the next clothes wash. Carry the magnet with you in your wallet at all times."

    u mean ung remaining water na un ang gagamitin to wash ur clothes? until when do u need to keep the magnet? :)

  5. does this work too in a boarding house (doing the spell in ur room) i work away from home so i do only rent a room

  6. Yes, put the remaining water sa water na gagamitin mo when you wash your clothes.

  7. Yes, you can do this anywhere as long as the place is quiet and you're alone.

  8. You keep the magnet inside your wallet as long as possible. I've had the magnet for 3 years now. Kaso it got broken so I had to do the spell again with another magnet.

  9. hi sexy nomad,

    is this spell only for new moon?

  10. You can do it any time but it works best during a new moon.



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