Friday, November 7, 2008

Tarot Card Reading - Marriage

The first part of my day was spent with Peter, which will most likely be the case from now on since his work finishes at around 8am or so which is around the same time that I wake up. We had breakfast together, hung out at the lanai for a while over tea and cigarettes then watched the beautiful and interesting character of Melinda Gordon in Ghost Whisperer reruns. I love her dresses by the way. I promise to wear similar styles when I finally own my little boutique shop soon (hopefully).

Anyway, afterwards, we had some serious conversation about our passions in life and how we can better express and use them. It was a good talk. Peter has always been the cerebral of the two of us while I am mostly about intuition, gut feel and emotions. Then we went up and he started getting ready to go to bed while I go here to my office and officially start my day by checking my emails and doing my tarot readings. This one below came from in my email and it just resonated what Peter and I had this morning. We definitely had a different kind of bonding back there as we were talking about the things that we are so passionate about. And I feel good about this. I believe that this kind of partnership is the beginning of something great. And I can't wait to take our first little steps towards its realization.

Today's Card

The Four of Wands card suggests that my power today lies in bonding. I celebrate our common connection, success, or attraction and recognize the equal status, protection, or reputation that results in the formation of this union is merely the beginning or negotiation of something new. I am empowered by positive results within the partnership and I transform through teamwork or marriage.

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