Friday, November 14, 2008

Spell - How To Banish Unhappiness

Full Moon has always been associated with negative mystical stuff. Like in folklore, it is a superstition that certain human beings can change into a wolf, or is capable of assuming the form of a wolf, while retaining human intelligence at this time of the month. They are called werewolves. They also say that vampires are at their strongest, mananaggals strike their prey and so on and so forth. But as for me, full moon has always been a sight of beauty, especially when seen from the beach or the fields. However, tonight, I will be content to wonder at its glory right at the comforts of our own balcony. And while I soak its luminescent beams, I have here a spell that I will cast to help me keep moving forward and to always stay happy...

For this spell, I will need the following ingredients:


1. a long scarf

2. a baby's rattle

3. a wooden stick

4. seven small stones

I should wait until I am all alone or undisturbed in my home. Then I will drape the scarf around my shoulders as I chant:

"With this magic cloak, the spell begins."

Then I will take the baby rattle in one hand and the wooden stick in the other hand, walk into every room of our house as I repeat the following words aloud:

" With the shake of the rattle, with the stroke of the wand, let all unhappiness be gone."

Afterward, I will put down the rattle and the stick and pick up the stones. Close my eyes for a minute, focus on positive energy and and visualize it flowing to the stones. The stones in my hand are now becoming warm and energized. Open my eyes and put the stones near the front and back door of our home , preferably somewhere they won't be seen.

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