Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dream Interpretation - Zac Efron

As exciting as it sounds like, I did dream about Zac Efron but not in the way that I would've chosen it to be. I was back in my dead grandmama's old house in the province but the scenery took place behind the cemented walls where fields of rice used to be. In my dream, it still looked like a field.

Anyway, I was tasked to take measurements of Zach Efron's arm and for some reason, he happened to be there and so did many other people who were cheering me/us on as I was doing my job. IT FELT LIKE we were a love team in some movie and the crowd was our fans screaming at us as we were taping one of our scenes. Anyway, as huge a fan as I am, I wasn't even star-struck. It actually felt nice in a normal kind of way like we were chummies and measuring a part of his arm was the most natural thing in the world for me to do.

But since we were both in a light mood and happened to be conversing (I told you, it felt like we were old buddies) about non-serious matters, we were laughing and it was just hard for me to get the right measurement. This went on for a while and I was enjoying myself. Then next scene came. I was in a school auditorium but it still felt like I was in a field. Maybe it was an open auditorium of some kind and my step grandmother appeared looking Imeldific (like Imelda Marcos) and was screaming "Secretary D!" With this, I found myself beside Zac Efron again and I was like telling him "You're boss is looking for you and you better get going."

As for me, I suddenly realized she was my boss too but that I just recently quit coz I had to be with my mom at the province. I didn't want her to see me there so I ducked and rolled to the other side of the auditorium wall. But then she went at that side too and I had to duck and roll back to the othe side of the wall again. I didn't want to risk myself being seen so I ran all the way out into the green field instead which became a bit hilly.

From a distance I could see tricycles and the drivers waiting in line to get passengers. I'd like to take note that the the hilly field sort of look like a scene from my old school back in my elementary days. Then just before I woke up, my thoughts were, I still have a long way to go to make sure I'm away from the auditorium. I was considering riding one of the tricycles to make it easier but then I woke up. I wonder what that was all about?!

For a long time I used to NOT DREAM at all. And now that I am embarking on a new restful and creative journey in my life, all these dreams are cropping up. And let me just tell you that most of the time, especially this week in my dreams, I am always caught in a scene from one of my old schools. Sometimes, the scene would be from St. Scholastica where I spent my elementary years. Sometimes, back in Lourdes High School. Hmmmm...

To see green fields in your dream, symbolizes great abundance, freedom, and happiness. You may also be going through a period of personal growth. Alternatively, this dream may simply be an expression for your love of nature. --- Dream Moods

I feel that this interpretation is so true! I am at a phase in my life right now where I feel that I am a magnet for abundance, prosperity and great wealth. And after a really long time, I am now free from heavy burdens & responsibilities and I am grateful for all the blessings that are continuously bestowed upon me and my family. If you compare myself now to who I was before, we are like two completely different individuals. I have grown to be more courageous, mature and more of a believer to the greater forces in life. And I am consistently embarking on this personal growth and continuously learning from it . And of course, it's already a known fact that I do love nature as evidenced by my travels to various vacations spots, beaches, mountains & fields.

To dream that you are in school, signifies feelings of inadequacy and childhood insecurities that have never been resolved. It may relate to anxieties about performance and abilities. You may also be going through a "spiritual learning" experience... A dream that takes place in school may be a metaphor for the lessons that you are learning from your waking life.--- Dream Moods

Despite the very positive interpretation of the previous dream symbol, I also recognize that I still do have a handful of insecurities which I have been trying so hard to resolve. Though I may be an achiever in various aspects of my life, I still sometimes feel that I could've done more, I could've done better, I could've been this and that. And every time I did "perform" in the past (in the various jobs that I've had), there was always anxiety that was very difficult to shake off even if in the end I eventually did. However, considering my current state (that of choosing to quit work as I pursue my passions in life), I believe that the school setting in my dream could be more telling of this "spiritual learning experience" I am embarking in my life. My being a young Wiccan, my being more in touch with myself and with nature are the things that I am currently learning from. Sometimes, it can get a bit hard but by constantly motivating myself to always look at the bright side of the situation, to believe that I am a magnet for great things, to be always thankful of the blessings I receive and to manage to give back in return... these are the things that matter to me right now. And I am eternally grateful for the learnings and wisdom I get in this classroom I call Life.

To see your grandmother in your dream, represents nurturance, protection, and unconditional love. Consider the qualities and characteristics that exist in your own grandmother.... --- Dream Moods

The grandmother in my dream is my step grandmother and she has always been a figure of authority in my life ... someone who scared me and who I hated a lot when I was much younger. I believe that this dream symbol represented my boss and the bosses I've had. It represents my running away from being their "slave" because I want to believe that deep down, even if I was good at what I did before, as an assistant to my bosses, I know that I can be more... I can my own boss too... I can be the boss of my life. And so in my dream, I was running away from her because right now, my subconscious is telling me that it is not what I want and need. Right now, I want to focus on myself, on the things that can make me happy. I need to find what it is that I am called for. Maybe if in time, I realize that being an assistant is really what I am meant to do for the rest of my life, then so be it. But in the meantime, let me revel in dsicovering more of me, the real me.

To see an actor or actress in your dream, represents your pursuit for pleasure. Your admiration of a particular celebrity may lead to a desire to have some of their physical or personality traits. --- Dream Moods

Since I was a kid, I used to dream of celebrities I admire. And not only did I see them in my dreams, I was actually always interacting with them like we were friends. Same thing with what happened to me and Zac Efron in my dream. I long for the kind of life he lives, or at least its perks --- like being able to travel, meet new people, have the fame, respect and fortune. We all want that, who doesn't? It's human nature. But I believe it all boils down to our willingness and determination to put the extra effort in order to achieve what we want. And of course, on how aligned we are with the universe so all great tings we deserve will come rushing to us. Remember, the universe always gves us the shortest , easiest & fastest way to our dreams. It's up to us if we want to grab it or not.

To summarize, I can see clearly now that even if I sometimes feel like I miss my old job (or maybe just the money that I earned from it), my real focus right now is to follow my bliss, my passion. Abundance is always here with me. Everything that I could ever want is already here. I can either take the long cut or the short cut to get it. And as I go along my chosen path, I am continuously learning more and more about life and the wisdom it wants to share with me. So Jen, just be. Keep moving forward and always believe in yourself and the power of the greater force working within you. You were always meant to be free, happy and abundant. Just like THE ONE who created you.

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